Name, Title Email Research Topic
Mark Aindow
Executive Director for Innovation, External Engagement, and Industry Relations
Email30x30 Defects and Interfaces, Microstructural Development in Alloys and Thin Films & Electron Microscopy
Professor Alpay S. Pamir Alpay
GE Professor in Advanced Manufacturing; Executive Director, UConn IPB/Tech Park
Email30x30 Materials Modeling, Functional Materials, Metallurgy
Harold D. Brody
Distinguished Professor
Email30x30 Materials Processing, Alloy Casting and Solidification & Process Models
Avinash Dongare Avinash M. Dongare
Associate Professor
Email30x30 Atomic Scale Modeling, Mesoscale Modeling, Microstructural Evolution, Mechanics of Materials, Defects, Interfaces, Materials Under Extreme Environments
Lesley D. Frame
Assistant Professor
Email30x30 Metals Processing, Manufacturing, Corrosion, Residual Stress, Phase Transformations, Structure – Property – Processing Relationships
Pu-Xian Gao
Email30x30 Nanomaterials Synthesis, Characterization and Manipulation, Nanotechnology for Energy, Environmental and Biomedical Applications
Rainer Hebert
Rainer Hebert
Associate Professor, Castleman Professor in Engineering Innovation, Director of Additive Manufacturing Innovation Center, and Associate Director of IMS
Email30x30 Phase Transformations, Metals & alloys, Metalic Glasses & Severe Plastic Deformation Processing
Bryan Huey Bryan D. Huey
Department Head, Professor
Email30x30 Scanning Probe Microscopy, Photovoltaics, Data Storage Dynamics, Nano-Bio-Mechanics, Functional Ceramics
Jasna Jankovic Jasna Jankovic
Assistant Professor
Email30x30 Advanced Imaging and Spectroscopy Techniques, Nanomaterials for Clean Energy Applications, Fuel Cells, Batteries, Structure-Property-Performance Correlation

Theo Z. Kattamis
Email30x30 Solidification and Metals Joining, Materials Processing, Thin Coatings & Tribology
Cato T. Laurencin, M.D., Ph.D.
University Professor and Van Dusen Distinguished Endowed Professor
Email30x30 Advanced Biomaterials, Tissue Engineering, Biodegradable Polymers, Nanotechnology
Seok-Woo Lee
Pratt & Whitney Assistant Professor
Email30x30 Mechanical Behavior of Materials at Multi-length Scales, In-situ Cryogenic Nanomechanical Characterization, Computer Simulations of Dislocations, Single Crystal Growth, Laser-beam Lithography

Radenka Maric
Vice President for Research, CT Clean Energy Fund Professor of Sustainable Energy
Email30x30 Novel Materials for High Temperature Fuel Cells

Serge M. Nakhmanson
Associate Professor and Director for Undergraduate Studies
Email30x30 Multiscale Modeling of Materials, Multifunctional Ferroics, Soft Materials
Volkan Ortalan Volkan Ortalan
Associate Professor
Email30x30 Ultrafast Electron Microscopy, Aberration-corrected In-situ TEM, Heterogeneous Catalysts, Materials Under Extreme Conditions, Polymers, Low-dimensional Materials, Additive Manufacturing

George Rossetti
George A. Rossetti Jr.
Associate Department Head,
Associate Professor
Email30x30 Dielectric & Piezoelectric Ceramics, Ferroelectricity, Phenomenological Modeling, Electrical & Thermophysical Properties Characterization
Stefan Schaffoener Stefan Schaffoener
Assistant Professor
Email30x30 High Temperature Ceramics, Composites, Corrosion, Materials Processing, Metallurgy
Prabhakar Singh
UTC Endowed Chair Professor
Email30x30 High Temperature Materials, Oxidation and Corrosion, Electrochemistry, Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
Mei Wei
School of Engineering Centennial Term Professor and Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Education
Email30x30 Tissue Engineering, Scaffolds, Biomimetic Coatings, Ceramic-Polymer Composites, Nanomaterials, Drug Delivery
Yuanyuan Zhu Yuanyuan Zhu
Assistant Professor
Advanced and In-situ STEM, Deep Learning, Heterogenous Catalysis, Irradiation Effects, Functional Nanomaterials
Faculty with Joint Appointments
Yusuf Khan
Associate Professor, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, UConn Health Center
Email30x30 Tissue Engineering, Biocompatible and Biodegradable Scaffolds
Sangamesh Kumbar Sangamesh Kumbar
Associate Professor, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, UConn Health Center


Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Biomaterials for Tissue Engineering and Drug Delivery Applications
Lakshmi Nair Lakshmi Nair
Associate Professor, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, UConn Health Center

Regenerative Engineering, Injectable Hydrogels, Nanostructured Materials, Drug Delivery


Syam Nukavarapu
Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering


Regenerative Biomaterials and Scaffolds, Biomedical Composites, Bone and Bone-cartilage Interface Tissue Engineering

Additional Faculty in MSE Graduate Program

Menka Jain
Associate Professor, Department of Physics



Synthesis, Characterizations, and Understanding Structure-Property Relationships of Various Interesting Functional and Multifunctional Materials (i.e. Dielectric, Ferroelectric, Ferromagnetic, Multiferroic, Magnetoelectric, Thermoelectric)
Liisa Kuhn Liisa T. Kuhn
Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering



Biomaterial Scaffolds for Drug Delivery and Bone Tissue Engineering
Jeffrey McCutcheon
Associate Professor
Email30x30 Membrane Separations, Polymer Electrospinning, Forward Osmosis/Osmotic Power


Richard Parnas



Biofuels Process Design, Biodegradable Polymers, Pervaporation Membranes, and Biomass Extraction
Steven L. Suib
Director of IMS, Board of Trustees Professor, Professor of Chemistry
Email30x30 Solid State Inorganic Chemistry, Zeolites and Microporous Materials, Environmental Chemistry, Plasma Chemistry and Catalysis, Semiconductors, Inorganic Photocatalysis, Batteries, Ceramics
Brian Willis
Associate Professor
Email30x30 Nanotechnology, Nanofabrication, Photocatalysis, Plasmonics
Teaching, Research & Adjunct Faculty
Dr. Ryan M. Deacon

Ryan M. Deacon
Adjunct Professor

Email30x30 Alloy Development, High Temperature Corrosion, Materials Characterization with Electrons and X-rays
Maurice Gell
Research Professor
Email30x30 Advanced Coatings Technology Development for Enhanced Durability, Superior Thermal Barrier Coatings
Daniel Goberman
Adjunct Professor
Email30x30 High Temperature Environmental Barrier Coatings for Aerospace Applications

Joseph Mantese
Adjunct Professor
Email30x30 Functional Materials, Ferroelectrics, Electrocalorics, Thermoelectrics, Sensors and Actuators
Weiming Lu Weiming Lu
Adjunct Professor
Email30x30 Carbon Materials and their Applications
Rajiv Naik Rajiv Naik
Adjunct Professor
Email30x30 Composite Materials, Materials Design, Mechanical Properties
Greg Ojard
Adjunct Professor
Email30x30 Experimental Characterization of Mechanical Properties of Advanced Materials
Professor Ramamurthy Ramprasad Rampi Ramprasad
Research Professor
Email30x30 Rational Materials Design Using First Principles and Data-driven Methods
Diane J. Van Scoter
Associate Professor in Residence, MEM
Email30x30 Process Improvement and Development of STEM Teaching Methods and Materials
Emeritus Faculty
Professor C. Barry Carter C. Barry Carter
Emeritus Professor
Email30x30 Interfaces & Defects; Metals, Ceramics, Materials and Semiconducters; Nanomaterials; TEM, SEM and AFM. Materials for Energy Products and Storage; MSE Education
  James M. Galligan
Emeritus Professor
  Norbert D. Greene
Emeritus Professor
Eric Jordan
United Technologies Professor of Advanced Materials Processing
Email30x30 Mechanical Behavior of Materials, High Temperature Materials, Thermal Barrier Coatings, Thermal Spray Processing and Properties, and Nano Crystalline Materials
Harris L. Marcus
Emeritus Professor
Email30x30 Freeform Fabrication, Mechanical Behavior, Fatigue, Nanotechnology & Photonic Crystals
McEvily Arthur J. McEvily
Emeritus Professor
Email30x30 Metallurgy
  John E. Morral
Emeritus Professor
  Donald Potter
Emeritus Professor
Email30x30 Materials Characterization, AFM, SEM, TEM, XRD