Graduate Program Admission

Admission to the doctoral program is based upon careful assessment of the student’s potential for creative research in materials science and engineering. Applicants for this competitive program will normally demonstrate outstanding promise based on their bachelor’s degree and related experience, or have already completed an outstanding master’s degree program. For admission to the MSE masters programs, student applications and recommendation letters must also demonstrate past excellence and future potential.

You must first apply to the Graduate School at the University of Connecticut. The online application fee is $75.

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For further instructions on our application process please visit the UConn Graduate School site.

Absolute requirements for entry into the UConn Graduate School:

  • Prospective students must hold a B.A./B.S. degree from an accredited college or university;
  • Students must submit official transcripts to the Graduate School covering all of your previous academic work (both undergraduate and graduate). They must meet one of the following minimum criteria:
    • A  cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0 for your entire graduate record or
    • A  grade point average of at least 3.0 for your last two undergraduate years or
    • Excellent work in your entire final undergraduate year (3.5 or better) or
    • Graduate work with a minimum grade point average of 3.0 or better (9-12 credits).

Specifics for applying for graduate studies in the Department of Materials Science & Engineering:

  1. International applicants must earn a computer-based score of at least 213, an internet-based score of at least 80, or a written test score of at least 550, on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). A score of at least 85 on the Michigan Placement Test is also acceptable. A minimum score on the IELTS of 6.5 is also acceptable. We cannot make any decisions about your application without this information, with some exceptions for those holding degrees from US institutions. Please submit official scores through ETS, our University code is 3915; departmental code is not needed to submit scores.
  2. Unofficial transcripts and letters of recommendations can be uploaded to your online application. Official transcripts should be mailed to our Graduate School for verification purposes.
  3. Contact information for at least 3 letters of recommendation must be provided. Applications will only be considered once these are uploaded, therefore applicants are encouraged to remind their recommenders to submit as the deadline approaches.
  4. The application requires a CV. This should outline educational, research, and work experiences. It must include a summary of prior higher education institutions/degrees/dates/GPA’s.
  5. The application also requires a personal statement. In 2-3 pages this should connect your background, field(s) of interest, professional aspirations, and fit with UConn MSE opportunities/faculty/etc.
  6. A writing sample demonstrating your communication skills in applied science or engineering is required. Writing samples typically consist of portions of your B.S. or M.S. thesis, final reports submitted as part of advanced STEM coursework or independent study, progress reports summarizing research or design projects, or excerpts or entire published research papers which you wrote.
  7. It is highly recommended that you identify a possible preferred advisor in the appropriate section of the application. This is not intended to lock you or the advisor into working together, but rather to provide a sense of your primary area of interest.
  8. Be sure to select a graduate degree in “Materials Science and Engineering,” which is subtly distinct from “materials science” but important administratively and to speed assessment of your application.


For Fall Semester

Applicants Deadline Fall Term*  Spring Term ** 
Domestic  PhD, Full-time Masters January 1 November 12
International PhD, Full-time Masters January 1 n/a
Domestic  Part time Masters New applications considered bimonthly

*   Late applications will be reviewed on an ongoing basis until all openings are filled
** New PhD and full-time Masters students are rarely sought for the spring.

For Spring Semester

Materials Science & Engineering Program does not regularly accept applications for the Spring Semester

Financial Aid

Applicants who seek financial aid must indicate so in the appropriate section of the graduate admissions application form. It is the policy of the department to provide financial assistance to all full-time graduate students enrolled in the Ph.D. program, throughout their tenure of study, presuming acceptable progress towards the degree. An attractive benefits package, including medical coverage, is also provided.

Full-time masters students may be considered for support based upon the availability of funds. Part time masters students are not funded.

Any funding provided is based on research and industrial grants, academic merit awards, graduate assistantships (for teaching or research), dissertation fellowships, industrial fellowships, and/or summer internships or fellowships. Duties associated with teaching assistantships may include grading homework assignments, leading discussion sections, reviewing problem sets with students, and supervising undergraduates in the laboratory. Research assistantships and fellowships carry specific expectations related to the topic. Time commitments in every case are commensurate with the funding level, typically requiring approximately 10-20 hours per week as is typical nationwide.

All offers of financial aid will be made in writing, usually at the time admission is offered.

Our stipends are among the highest in the nation. The form and amount of financial support varies, depending upon the degree sought, i.e., Ph.D. or Masters, and the particular assistantship offered. Current stipends for entering Ph.D. students varies between programs. Please contact your program of interest for current rates. We offer an attractive benefits package, including full medical coverage for a very modest fee. Duties associated with teaching assistantships require approximately 10-20 hours per week and may include grading homework assignments, leading discussion sections, reviewing problem sets with students, and supervising undergraduates in the laboratory. Research assistantships and fellowships are somewhat more flexible. Summer research work for additional compensation beyond that normally paid for teaching and/or research duties during the usual academic year frequently is available.

Your complete offer will be detailed clearly in an acceptance letter sent to you by the Materials Science and Engineering Department.


Any offer of admission and financial aid will be made in writing and must be accepted within a period of time stated in the offer letter.

Schedule a Visit

Interested students who can visit the department are urged to do so at any time. To arrange this, write or telephone the department secretary giving the date of the planned visit. In most instances, it will be possible to arrange for a meeting with a member of the Graduate Admissions Committee and for a departmental tour. The departmental telephone number is (860) 486-4620. Financial reimbursement for these visits is possible for students who have been admitted to the Ph.D. program.

Contact & Mailing Information

Requests for additional information for the Department of Material Science & Engineering should be directed to:

Graduate Program Administrative Coordinator
Phone: (860) 486-4620

Submit official transcripts and letters of recommendations to:

The Graduate School
University of Connecticut
Whetten Graduate Center
438 Whitney Road Extension, Unit 1152
Storrs, CT 06269-1152