Pu-Xian Gao

GaoPuxian_wPu-Xian Gao
Ph.D., Georgia Institute of Technology (2005)

Department of Materials Science & Engineering
97 North Eagleville Road, Unit 3136
Storrs, CT 06269-3136
Office: IMS-156
Phone: (860) 486-9213
Email: puxian.gao@uconn.edu  Web: http://www.engr.uconn.edu/~puxian/



Research Interests

  • Hierarchical nanostructure integration, manipulation and scalable manufacturing;
  • Nanocatalysis for vehicle emission control and relevant energy and environmental applications;
  • Nanosensors for power plants and vehicles; Energy conversion, storage and utilization using nanomaterials;
  • Magneto-(opto-)electronics of nanomaterials;
  • Cell-nanomaterials interfaces.

Awards & Honors

2015 United Technologies Corporation Professorship in Engineering Innovation, University of Connecticut
2014 Honoree, Boston Patent Law Association’s Invented Here! Event, patent #8,704,210 entitled Boundary-Modulated Nanoparticle Junctions and a Method for Manufacture Thereof.  Boston, MA
2013 Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Fellowship
2013 Outstanding Faculty Award, Department of Materials Science & Engineering, University of Connecticut
2012 Outstanding Young Alumnus Award, Department of Materials Science & Engineering, BeiHang University
2011 Certificate of Appreciation for valuable contribution and dedicated service in peer review of manuscripts submitted to ACS journals
2008 New Faculty Grant, ACS-Petroleum Research Funds
2008 Junior Faculty Summer Fellow, University of Connecticut
2007 Honda Initiation Grant Award
2006 Best Ph.D. Thesis Award in Materials Science and Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology
2005, 2006 Advanced Publication Awards, School of Materials Science and Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology
2005 Featured on cover of 5-year Report on the US National Nanotechnology Initiative for invented ZnO nanowire-nanoribbon junction arrays
2005 Initial Research Award, School of Materials Science and Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology

Recent Publications

Z. Ren, Z. Wu, W. Song, W. Xiao, Y.B. Guo, J. Ding, S.L. Suib, & P.X. Gao, “Low Temperature Propane Oxidation over Co3O4 based Nano-array Catalysts: Ni Dopant Effect, Reaction Mechanism and Structural Stability,”  Appl. Catal. B, 2016, 180, 150-160.

S. Wang, Z. Ren, Y. Guo, P-X. Gao, “One-Dimensional Nanostructure-Enhanced Catalysis”, in Encyclopedia of Inorganic and Bioinorganic Chemistry, edited by Timothy P. Hanusa,  John Wiley & Sons, Ltd: Chichester, UK,  2015, ISBN 978-1-118-70328-1, 387-415.

S. Wang, Z. Ren, W.Q. Song, Y.B. Guo, S.L. Suib, P.X. Gao, “ZnO/Perovskite core-shell nanorod array based monolithic catalysts with enhanced propane oxidation and material utilization efficiency at low temperature,” Catalysis Today, 2015, 549-555.

Z. Ren, Y.B. Guo, P.X. Gao, “Nano-array based monolithic catalysts:  Concept, Rational Materials Design and Tunable Catalytic Performance,” Catalysis Today, 2015, 258(2), 441-453.

Y.B. Guo, Z. Ren, W. Xiao, and P.X. Gao, “Nano-array Catalysts for Sustainable Energy and Environmental Applications,” Chapter 12, Catalysis by Materials with Well-Defined Structures – 1st Edition, edited by Z.L. Wu, S. Overbury, Elsevier, 2014, ISBN:  9780128012178, 339-370. (invited)

X.C. Sun, H.J. Lin, H.Y. Gao, and P.X. Gao, Y. Lei, “Bimodular high temperature planar oxygen gas sensor,” Frontiers in Green and Environmental Chemistry, 2014, 2, 57. (invited article)

Z. Ren, V. Botu, S. Wang, Y. Meng, W. Song, Y.B. Guo, R. Ramprasad,  S.L. Suib, and P.X. Gao, “Monolithically Integrated Spinel MxCo3-xO4 (M=Co, Ni and Zn) Nano-Array Catalysts: Scalable Synthesis and Cations Manipulation for Low Temperature Catalytic CH4 and CO Oxidation,” Angewandte Chem. Int. Ed. 2014, 53(28), 7223–7227.

Z. Ren, and P.X. Gao, “A Review of Helical Nanostructures: Growth Theories, Synthesis Strategies and Properties,” Nanoscale 2014, 6 (16), 9366 – 9400. (invited feature article)

C.H. Liu, H.Y. Chen, Z. Ren, S. Dardona, M. Piech, H.Y. Gao, and P.X. Gao, “Controlled Synthesis and Structure Tunability of Photocatalytically Active Mesoporous Metal-based Stannate Nanostructures,” Appl. Surf. Sci. 2014, 296, 53-60.

C.H. Liu, R. Roeder, L. Zhang, Z. Ren, H. Chen, Z. Zhang, C. Ronning and P.X. Gao, “Highly efficient visible-light driven photocatalysts: a case of zinc stannate based nanocrystal assemblies,” J. Mater. Chem. A, 2014, 2 (12), 4157-4167. (Cover)

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