Mark Aindow

Mark Aindow
Executive Director for Innovation, External Engagement, and Industry Relations
Ph.D., University of Liverpool (1989), England

Department of Materials Science & Engineering
97 North Eagleville Road, Unit 3136
Storrs, CT 06269-3136
Office: IMS-204
Phone: (860) 486-2644
Email: Web:


 Research Interests

  • Conductive oxide coatings for metallic SOFC interconnects
  • Novel alloys for electrical contact applications
  • Microstructural stability in nanocomposite ceramic materials
  • Development of ultra-high strength aluminum alloys
  • Microstructural development in heteroepitaxial thin films
  • Application of lasers to materials processing
  • Catalytic nanomaterials

Recent Publications

Development of Quasicrystal Morphology in Gas-Atomized Icosahedral-Phase-Strengthened Aluminum Alloy Powders, H Leonard, S. Rommel, TJ Watson, T Policandriotes, M. Aindow, Mater Des 182: 108094(2019).

Aerobic self-esterification of alcohols assisted by mesoporous manganese and cobalt oxide, E Moharreri, S Biswas, B Deljoo, D Kriz, S Lim, S Elliott, S Dissanayake, M Dabaghian, M Aindow, SL Suib, ChemCatChem 11: 3413-3422(2019).

Fabrication of a Multi-Phase Porous High-Temperature Mo-Si-B Alloy by in-situReaction Synthesis, Y Huang, LQ Zhang, M Wang, H Zhang, M Aindow, Powder Metall 62: 258-266 (2019).

Mechanical properties of supersonic-impacted Al6061 microparticles, TJ Flanagan, BA Bedard, AM Dongare, HD Brody, A Nardi, VK Champagne Jr, M Aindow, S-W Lee, Scripta Materialia 171: 52-56 (2019).

Eutectic Microstructures in Dilute Al-Ce and Al-Co Alloys, Y Sun, C Hung, RJ Hebert, C Fennessy, S Tulyani, M Aindow, Mater Char 154: 269-276 (2019).

Surfactant selection as a strategy for tailoring the structure and properties of UCT manganese oxides, B Deljoo, T Jafari, R Miao, M-P Nieh, SL Suib and M Aindow.Mater Des 180: 107902 (2019).

Studies of thermally activated processes in gas-atomized Al alloy powders: in situSTEM heating experiments on FIB-cut cross-sections, S Vijayan, BA Bedard, MA Gleason, HR Leonard, DL Cote, M Aindow, J Mater Sci 54: 9921-9932 (2019).

Magnetic and Tunable Dielectric Properties of DyCrO3Thin Films, A McDannald, S Vijayan, J Shi, A Chen, Q Jia, M Aindow, M. Jain, J Mater Sci 54: 8984-8994 (2019).

Crystallographically Determined Etching and Its Relevance to the Metal Assisted Catalytic Etching (MACE) of Silicon Powders, KW Kolasinski, BA Unger, A Ernst, M Aindow, Front. Chem. 6: 651 (2019).

Temperature Calibration of In Situ TEM Specimen Heating Holders by Isothermal Sublimation of Silver Nanocubes, S Vijayan, M Aindow, Ultramicroscopy 196: 142-153 (2019).

Microstructure and Micromechanical Response in Gas-Atomized Al 6061 Alloy Powder and Cold-Sprayed Splats, BA Bedard, T Flanagan, AT Ernst, A Nardi, AM Dongare, HD Brody, VK Champagne Jr., S-W Lee, M Aindow, J. Therm. Spray. Technol. 27: 1563-1578 (2018).

Effect of Transition Metal Alloying Elements on the Deformation of Ti-44Al-8Nb-0.2B-0.2Y Alloys, LQ Zhang, G Ge, J Lin, M Aindow, LC Zhang, Sci. Rep.8: 14242 (2018).

Effect of Heat Treatments on Microstructural Evolution of Additively Manufactured and Wrought 17-4PH Stainless Steel, Y Sun, RJ Hebert, M Aindow, Mater. Des. 156: 429-440 (2018).

Unraveling the Mesoscale Evolution of Microstructure during Supersonic Impact of Aluminum Powder Particles, S Suresh, S-W Lee, M Aindow, HD Brody, VR Champagne and AM Dongare, Sci. Rep.8: 10075 (2018).

Insights into the Plasticity of Ag3Sn from Density Functional Theory, IN Bakst, H Yu, M Bahadori, H Yu, S-W Lee, M Aindow, CR Weinberger. Int. J. Plast. 110: 57-73 (2018).

A Nanoindentation Study of the Plastic Deformation and Fracture Mechanisms in Single-Crystalline CaFe2As2, KG Frawley, I Bakst, JT Sypek, S Vijayan, CR Weinberger, PC Canfield, M Aindow and S-W Lee, JOM. 70: 1074-1080 (2018).

Effect of IrO2/Pt, IrO2, and Pt Bottom Electrodes on the Structure and Electrical Properties of PZT-Based Piezoelectric Microelectromechanical System Devices, DM Potrepka, M Rivas, H Yu, M Aindow, GR Fox, RG Polcawich. J. Mater. Sci. Mater. Electrn. 29:11367–11377 (2018).

Hydrogen Annealing Effects on Local Structures and Oxidation States of Atomic Layer Deposited SnOx, S Chang, S Vijayan, M Aindow, G Jursich, CG Takoudis. J. Vac. Sci. Technol. A 36: 031519(1-9) (2018).

Mesoporous Carbon Aerogel Supported Pt-Cu Bimetallic Nanoparticles via Supercritical Deposition and Their Dealloying and Electrocatalytic Behaviour, SB Barim, SE Bozbag, H Yu, R Kizilel, M Aindow, C Erkey, Catal. Today. 310: 166-175 (2018).

Comparison of Virgin Ti-6Al-4V Powders for Additive Manufacturing, Y Sun, M Aindow and RJ Hebert. Additive Manufacturing 21: 544-555 (2018).

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