Mark Aindow

Mark Aindow
Executive Director for Innovation, External Engagement, and Industry Relations
Ph.D., University of Liverpool (1989), England

Department of Materials Science & Engineering
97 North Eagleville Road, Unit 3136
Storrs, CT 06269-3136
Office: IMS-204
Phone: (860) 486-2644


 Research Interests

  • Conductive oxide coatings for metallic SOFC interconnects
  • Novel alloys for electrical contact applications
  • Microstructural stability in nanocomposite ceramic materials
  • Development of ultra-high strength aluminum alloys
  • Microstructural development in heteroepitaxial thin films
  • Application of lasers to materials processing
  • Catalytic nanomaterials

Recent Publications

Corrosion Phenomena in Powder-Processed Icosahedral-Phase-Strengthened Aluminum Alloys, S Rommel, HR Leonard, TJ Watson, T Policandriotes and M Aindow, Corr Sci. 177: 108970 (2020).

Surface States of Gas-Atomized Al 6061 Powders – Effects of Heat Treatment, AT Ernst, P Kerns, A Nardi, HD Brody, AM Dongare, S-W Lee, VK Champagne, SL Suib, M Aindow, Appl Surf Sci 534: 147643 (2020).

Atomic-Layer Adhesion of Ferroelectric Nanoparticles: A New Approach to Dielectric Composites, Y Espinal, S Vijayan, SP Alpay, M Aindow, BM Hanrahan, J Mater Sci 55: 16063-16073 (2020).

Multifunctional transition metal doped titanium dioxide reduced graphene oxide composites as highly efficient adsorbents and photocatalysts, WRK Thalgaspitiya, TK Kapuge. J He, B Deljoo, A Meguerdichian, M Aindow, SL Suib, Micropor Mesopor Mater 307: 110521 (2020).

Shock-Induced Deformation Twinning and Softening in Magnesium Single Crystals, TJ Flanagan, S Vijayan, S Galitskiy, J Davis, BA Bedard, CL Williams, AM Dongare, M Aindow, S-W Lee. Mater Des 194: 108884 (2020).

Effect of Laser Scan Length on the Microstructure of Additively Manufactured 17-4PH Stainless Steel Thin-Walled Parts, Y Sun, RJ Hebert, M Aindow, Addit Manuf 35: 101302 (2020).

Highly Active Carbon Supported PtCu Electrocatalysts for PEMFCs by in-situ Supercritical Deposition Coupled with Electrochemical Dealloying, SB Barim, SE Bozbag, B Deljoo, M Aindow, C Erkey, Fuel Cells 20: 285-299 (2020).

Microstructure/Mechanical Behavior Relationships in Upset-Forged Powder-Processed Al Alloys Containing Icosahedral Quasicrystalline Dispersoids, HR Leonard, S Rommel, MX Li, TJ Watson, T Policandriotes, M. Aindow, Mater Sci Eng A 788: 139487 (2020).

New findings and current controversies in the reaction of ruthenium red and ammonium cerium(IV) nitrate: Focus on the precipitated compound, B Sarvi, SM Hosseini, B Deljoo, A El-Sawy, AS Amin, M Aindow, SL Suib, MN Najafpour, Catal Sci Tech 10: 2491-2502 (2020).

Thermally activated structural transformations in manganese oxide nanoparticles under inert and oxidizing environments, B Deljoo, H Tan, SL Suib, M Aindow, J Mater Sci 55: 7247-7258 (2020).

Controlling the nature of etched Si nanostructures: High versus low load metal-assisted catalytic etching (MACE) of Si powders, K Tamarov, JD Swanson, BA Unger, KW Kolasinski, AT Ernst, M Aindow, V-P Lehto, J Riikonen, ACS Appl Mater Interfaces 12: 4787-4796 (2020).

Mesoscale Modeling of Jet Initiation Behavior and Microstructural Evolution during Cold Spray Single Particle Impact, S Suresh, S-W Lee, M Aindow, HD Brody, VK Champagne Jr, AM Dongare, Acta Mater 182: 197-206 (2020).

Hierarchical Nanostructuring of Porous Silicon with Regenerative Electroless Etching, E Mäkilä, A-M Anton Wilmore, H Yu, M Irri, M Aindow, T Teesalu, L Canham, KW Kolasinski, J Salonen, ACS Nano 13: 13056-13064 (2019).

Supercritical Deposition Coupled with Ammonia Treatment: A New Route to Co-Promoted N-doped Carbon Aerogels with High ORR Activity, S Ünsal, MB Yağcı, SE Bozbağ, B Deljoo, M Aindow, C Erkey, Energy Technology 7: 1900450 (2019).

Development of Quasicrystal Morphology in Gas-Atomized Icosahedral-Phase-Strengthened Aluminum Alloy Powders, H Leonard, S. Rommel, TJ Watson, T Policandriotes, M. Aindow, Mater Des 182: 108094 (2019).

Mechanical properties of supersonic-impacted Al6061 microparticles, TJ Flanagan, BA Bedard, AM Dongare, HD Brody, A Nardi, VK Champagne Jr, M Aindow, S-W Lee, Scripta Materialia 171: 52-56 (2019).

Eutectic Microstructures in Dilute Al-Ce and Al-Co Alloys, Y Sun, C Hung, RJ Hebert, C Fennessy, S Tulyani, M Aindow, Mater Char 154: 269-276 (2019).

Surfactant selection as a strategy for tailoring the structure and properties of UCT manganese oxides, B Deljoo, T Jafari, R Miao, M-P Nieh, SL Suib and M Aindow. Mater Des 180: 107902 (2019).

Studies of thermally activated processes in gas-atomized Al alloy powders: in situ STEM heating experiments on FIB-cut cross-sections, S Vijayan, BA Bedard, MA Gleason, HR Leonard, DL Cote, M Aindow, J Mater Sci 54: 9921-9932 (2019).

Temperature Calibration of In Situ TEM Specimen Heating Holders by Isothermal Sublimation of Silver Nanocubes, S Vijayan, M Aindow, Ultramicroscopy 196: 142-153 (2019).


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