Master of Engineering

The Master of Engineering (MENG) degree is a graduate degree merging the benefits of technical materials courses with select professional development classes. It is targeted for both already-practicing engineers, those interested in expanding their skills before entering industry, and those considering bridging into a Ph.D. program in the future.

MEng students with a concentration in Materials Science and Engineering can earn the degree part time (often sponsored by their employer), or full time. Students must complete at least 30 credits (*) as follows: 6 credits of MEng core courses (project management, and communications); at least 12 credits of MSE content, 9 more credits of appropriate courses upon agreement with your MSE faculty advisor (typically MSE or other engineering courses), and finally a 3 credit capstone project

Unique to MEng students is the opportunity to take some classes remotely. The department is also committed to offering 1-2 classes per term during late afternoon or evening hours, facilitating practical working schedules for part-time students. This affords the utmost in educational quality, providing highly relevant skills for today’s engineering workforce, at the greatest convenience.

All MEng-MSE students ultimately complete and defend a final project, mentored by an MSE faculty advisor, typically connected to work projects for part-time students or a topic of particular interest for full time students.

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* Students matriculated before 5/17 must complete 27 total credits