Seok-Woo Lee

Seok-Woo Lee
Associate Professor
Castleman Term Professor in Engineering Innovation
Director for Undergraduate Studies

Ph.D., Stanford University (2011)

Department of Materials Science & Engineering
25 King Hill Road, Unit 3136
Storrs, CT 06269-3136
Office: 1017
Phone: (860) 486-8028
Email: Web:

Research Interests

  • Mechanical behavior of advanced structural materials
  • in-situ nanomechanics: nanoindentation and micropillar compression/tension
  • Dislocation simulations: discrete dislocation dynamics and molecular dynamics
  • Single crystal growth of novel intermetallic compounds
  • Laser lithography fabrication of three dimensional periodic nano-architectures
  • High strain-rate deformation of metals and alloys
  • Strong-but-compliant polymer nanocomposites 

 Awards & Honors

2020 Castleman Term Professor in Engineering Innovation (UConn) 
2019 Mentorship Excellence Award (UConn)
2018 MSE Teaching Excellence of the Year (UConn)
2018 MSE Faculty of the Year (UConn)
2017 MSE Teaching Excellence of the Year (UConn)
2016 Research Excellence Award (UConn)
2016 NASA Early Career Faculty Award
2011 Kavli Nanoscience Institute Postdoc Fellowship (Caltech)
2007 Advisory Board Fellowship (Stanford)

Recent Publications

A. Hemeda, J. Xu, C. T. Wu, A. Mishra, D. Cote, Matthew Siopis, I. M. Nault, A. Nardi, V. K. Champagne, S. Lee, M. Aindow, J. W. Palko, and Y. Ma, “Heterogeneous Distribution of Mechanical Properties of Single Particle Cold Spray Impacts,” Journal of Thermal Spray Technology (2022), 31, 498–507 (2022)

Yang Liu, Godwin Dzidotor, Thinh T. Le, Tra Nguyen, Kristin Morgan, Eli J. Curry, Ritopa Das, Aneesah McClinton, Ellen Eisenberg, Lorraine N. Apuzzo, Khanh T. M. Tran, Pooja Prasad, Tyler J. Flanagan, Seok-Woo Lee, Ho-Man Kan, Kevin W. H. Lo, Cato T. Laurencin, Thanh D. Nguyen, “Exercise-induced piezoelectric stimulation for cartilage regeneration,” Science Translational Medicine, 14, eabi7282 (2022)

Shuyang Xiao, Vladislav Borisov, Guilherme Gorgen-Lesseux, Sarshad Rommel, Gyuho Song, Jessica M. Maita, Mark Aindow, Roser Valentí, Paul Canfield, Seok-Woo Lee, “Pseudoelasticity of SrNi2P2 micropillar via lattice collapse and expansion,” Nano Letters, 21, 7913-7920 (2021)

Ian N. Bakst, John T. Sypek, Sriram Vijayan, Shuyang Xiao, Mark Aindow, Seok-Woo Lee, Christopher R. Weinberger,”Uniaxial compression of CaFe2As2 single crystals: the effects of microstructure and temperature on superelasticity – Part II: Modeling” Acta Materialia203, 116462 (2021)

John T. Sypek, Sriram Vijayan, Ian N. Bakst, Shuyang Xiao, Matthew J. Kramer, Paul C. Canfield, Mark Aindow, Christopher R. Weinberger, Seok-Woo Lee, “Uniaxial compression of CaFe2As2 single crystals: the effects of microstructure and temperature on superelasticity – Part I: Experimental Observation” Acta Materialia203, 116464 (2021)

Gyuho Song, Nicole K. Aragon, Ill Ryu, Seok-Woo Lee, “Low Temperature Failure Mechanism of [001] Niobium Micropillars Revealed by in-situ Cryogenic Micro-Tensile Tests and Dislocation Dynamics Simulations,” Journal of Materials Research (Invited Paper) (2021), First View, 1 (2021) – DOI:

Tyler J. Flanagan, Sriram Vijayan, Sergey Galitskiy, Jacob Davis, Benjamin Bedard, Avinash Dongare, Mark Aindow, Cyril L. Williams, Seok-Woo Lee, “Shock-induced deformation twinning and softening in magnesium single crystals,” Materials & Design 194, 108884, (2020).

Jessica M. Maita, Gyuho Song, Mariel Colby, Seok-Woo Lee, “Atomic arrangement and mechanical properties of amorphous boron,” Materials & Design 193, 108856 (2020).

Cain J. Hung, Sanjeev K. Nayak, Yu Sun, Colette Fennessy, Venkat K. Vedula, Sonia Tulyani, Seok-Woo Lee, Pamir Alpay, “Novel Al-X alloys with improved hardness,” Materials & Design192, 108699 (2020). 

Sumit Suresh, Seok-Woo Lee, Mark Aindow, Harold D Brody, Victor K Champagne, “Mesoscale evolution of jet initiation behavior and microstructure evolution during cold spray single particle impact,” Acta Materialia, 182, 197-206 (2020). 

Hetal D. Patel, Seok-Woo Lee, “Spherical indentation on tungsten single crystal: transition from source-controlled plasticity to bulk plasticity,” Scripta Materialia, 175, 16-19 (2020). 

Tyler J. Flanagan, Oleg Kovalenko, Eugen Rabkin, Seok-Woo Lee, “The effect of defects on strength of gold microparticles,” Scripta Materialia, 171, 83-86 (2019). 

Tyler J. Flanagan, Benjamin Bedard, Alex Ernst, Avinash M. Dongare, Seok-Woo Lee, Harold D. Brody, Victor K. Champagne Jr, Mark Aindow, “Mechanical properties of supersonic-impacted Al6061 microparticles,” Scripta Materialia171, 52-56 (2019). 

Gyuho Song, Vladislav Borisov, William R. Meier, Mingyu Xu, Keith J. Dusoe, John T. Sypek, Roser Valenti, Paul C. Canfield, Seok-Woo Lee, “Ultrahigh elastically compressible and strain-engineerable intermetallic compounds under uni-axial mechanical loading,” APL Materials, 7, 061104 (2019). 

Gyuho Song, Seok-Woo Lee, “Effect of temperature on surface-controlled dislocation multiplication in body-centered-cubic metal micropillars,Computational Materials Science168, 172-179 (2019). 

Benjamin Bedard, Alex Ernst, Tyler J. Flanagan, Avinash M. Dongare, Seok-Woo Lee, Harold D. Brody, Victor K. Champagne Jr, Mark Aindow, “Microstructure and micromechanical response in gas-atomized Al6061 alloy powder and cold-sprayed splats,” Journal of Thermal Spray Technology, 27, 1563-1578 (2018). 

Ian N. Bakst, Keith J. Dusoe, Gil Drachuk, James R. Neilson, Paul C. Canfield, Seok-Woo Lee, Christopher R. Weinberger, “Effects of point defects on the mechanical response of LaRu2P2,” Acta Materialia, 160, 224-234 (2018). 

Ian N. Bakst, Hang Yu, Mohammadreza Bahadori, Haibo Yu, Seok-Woo Lee, Mark Aindow, Christopher R. Weinberger, “Insights into the plasticity of Ag3Sn from Density Functional Theory,” International Journal of Plasticity, 110, 57-73 (2018).  

Sumit Suresh, Seok-Woo Lee, Mark Aindow, Harold Brody, Victor R. Champagne, Avinash M. Dongare, “Unraveling the mesoscale evolution of microstructure during supersonic in aluminum powder particles,” Scientific Report8, 10075 (2018). 

Ian N. Bakst, John T. Sypek, Seok-Woo Lee, James R. Neilson, Christopher R. Weinberger, “Modeling pseudo-elastic behavior in small-scale ThCr2Si2-type crystals,” Computational Materials Science, 150, 86-95 (2018). 

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