C. Barry Carter

Professor C. Barry CarterC. Barry Carter
Emeritus Professor 
D.Phil., Oxford University (1976)
Sc.D., Cambridge University (2005)

Department of Materials Science & Engineering
191 Auditorium Road, Unit 3222
Storrs, CT 06269-3222
Office: UTEB 252
Phone: (860) 486-4020
Email: c.carter@uconn.edu  Web: http://www.cbarrycarter.com/


Research Interests

  • Dislocations in metals, ceramics and semiconductors
  • Operando TEM, especially of lithiation and sodiation for battery applications
  • Processses occurring in phase-change materials
  • High-entropy alloys
  • Titania, molybdenite, sapphire, spinel and other ceramic materials
  • Transmission electron microscopy
  • Organization and modification of nanoparticles and nanowires
  • AFM, particularly of processes occurring at ceramic surfaces
  • Pedagogy of ceramic materials, crystal lattice defects and TEM
  • Publication and promotion of science

Awards & Honors

2015 Chief Guest. Nanomaterials Workshop, Visvesvaraya Technological University, Bangalore, India
2015 The 2015 Douglas Osheroff Lecturer, Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez, Mexico
2014 Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Visiting Scientist (JSPS Fellowship Program)
2014 Ceramic Educational Council Outstanding Educator Award  (American Ceramic Society)
2013 Microscopy Society of America Distinguished Physical Scientist
2005 Jubilee Professor at Chalmers University in Sweden
1997/1998 Bernd Matthias Scholar at Los Alamos National Lab
1997 Alexander von Humboldt Senior Awardee in Stuttgart, Hannover, Bonn, Dresden and Jülich
1985 Guggenheim Fellow at the University of Bristol
5 x Winner of the Roland B Snow Award, American Ceramic Society
309 journal publications and 446 conference papers

Recent Publications

Carter CB and Williams DB Eds (2016) Transmission Electron Microscopy: Diffraction, Imaging, and Spectrometry Springer, Heidelberg. September 2016 in full color and with ~500 questions.

Carter, C.B. and Norton, M.G., 2013, Ceramic Materials: Science & Engineering (2nd Ed, Springer, NY)., 2nd Edition (Full color, extended questions and an extra Chapter.) (>690 cites: G Scholar)

Williams, D.B. and Carter, C.B., 2009, Transmission Electron Microscopy: A Textbook for Materials Science (2nd Ed, Springer, NY), updated with color and ~800 questions. (>5,750 cites: G Scholar).

Winterstein JP, Sezen M, Rečnik A, Carter CB (2016) J Mater Sci 51(1) 144–157 ‘Electron microscopy observations of the spinel-forming reaction using MgO nanocubes on Al2O3 substrates’.

Janish, M.T., Mackay, D.T., Liu, Y., Jungjohann, K.L., Carter, C.B. and Norton, M.G. (2016) J Mater Sci 51(1) 589–602. ‘Lithiation of Tin Nanoneedles Investigated by in-situ TEM’.

Li Z, Tan X, Li Peng, Kalisvaart W, Janish M, Mook W, Luber EJ, Jungjohann KL, Carter CB, Mitlin D (2015) Nano Lett 15, 6339-6348 ‘Coupling in-situ TEM and ex-situ Analysis to Understand Heterogeneous Sodiation of Antimony’.

Janish, M.T. and Carter, C.B., (2015) Scripta Mater 107, 22–25 ‘In-Situ TEM Observations of the Lithiation of Molybdenum Disulfide’. Janish MT, Kotula PG, Boyce LB, Carter CB (2015) J Mater Sci 50, 3706-3715 ‘Observations of fcc and hcp tantalum’.

Janish MT, Mook WM, Carter CB, (2015) Scripta Mater 96, 21-24 ‘Nucleation of face-centered cubic Ta when heating thin films‘.

Zhang, H., Suresh, A., Carter, C.B. and Wilhite, B.A. (2014) Solid State Ionics 266 (2014) 58–67. ‘Materials Synthesis, Electrochemical Characterization and Oxygen Permeation Properties of Fe-Doped BaZrO3.

Winterstein, J.P., Carter, C.B. (2014) J Eur Ceram Soc 34, 3007–3018. ‘Electron-beam damage and point defects near grain boundaries in cerium oxide’.

Mikael, P.E., Amini, A.R., Basu, J., Arellano-Jimenez, M.J., Laurencin, C.T., Sanders, M.M., Carter, C.B. and Nukavarapu , S.P. (2014), Biomedical Materials 9(3) 035001-1-13. ‘Functionalized Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Scaffolds for Bone Regenerative Engineering: Fabrication, in vitro and in vivo Evaluation’.

Mackay D, Janish MT, Sahaym U, Kotula PG, Jungjohann KL, Carter CB, Norton MG, (2014) J Mater Sci 49, 1476-1483 ‘Template-free Electrochemical Synthesis of Tin Nanostructures’.

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