Bryan D. Huey

Bryan Huey, Professor of materials science and engineering  on May 5, 2016. (/UConn Photo)Bryan D. Huey
Department Head, Professor
Centennial Professor
Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania (1999)

Department of Materials Science & Engineering
25 King Hill Road, Unit 3136
Storrs, CT 06269-3136
Office: G02J
Phone: 860.486.3284
Email:   Web:


 Current Research

  • Tomographic AFM.
  • Ultra-depth-resolution nano-lithography.
  • Switching dynamics in ferroelectric and multiferroic materials.
  • Piezoactuation of novel Piezoelectrics.
  • In-situ imaging of Micro-Electro-Mechanical-Systems.
  • Nanoscale performance mapping of photovoltaics.
  • Photovoltaic reliability and accelerated lifetime testing.
  • Nanomechanical dynamics of tissue and living cells.
  • Characterization of various nanomaterials and structures.
  • Ultrasonic micro-manipulation.
  • Various industrial partnerships.
  • High Speed AFM and combined AFM/optics.

Awards & Honors

2023 Fellow, American Ceramic Society
2023 Otto York Distinguished Lecture
2019 Inducted into Connecticut Academy of Science and Engineering
2016 Fulrath Award (American Ceramics Society)
2014/15 Chair: Basic Science Division, American Ceramic Society
2013 Conference Co-Organizer: Electronic Materials and Applications
2011-2012 VELUX Visiting Professor, Villum Foundation, iNANO Institute, Aarhus University, Denmark
2007 Outstanding faculty member (teaching, research, service), UConn MS&E
2003-2004 NRC Fellowship
2001 NSF International Postdoctoral Award
2000 Marshall-Sherfield Fellowship
1999 S. J. Stein Prize, outstanding Engineering Thesis, University of Pennsylvania
Fall 1998 Materials Research Society, graduate student Gold Medal
1996 William S. Yerger Memorial Prize, outstanding graduate student, University of Pennsylvania

Significant Recent Publications

E. Gradauskaite, Q.N. Meier, N. Gray, M.F. Sarott, T. Scharsach, M. Campanini, T. Moran, A. Vogel, K. Del Cid-Ledezma, B.D. Huey, M.D. Rossell, M. Fiebig, and M. Trassin, “Defeating depolarizing fields with artificial flux closure in ultrathin ferroelectrics,” Nature Materials,  22(12): p. 1492-8, 2023., “Defeating depolarizing fields with artificial flux closure in ultrathin ferroelectrics,” Nature Materials,  22(12): p. 1492-8, 2023.

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M. Aleksich, … W. Linthicum, … B.D. Huey, … J.N.Hohman, “XFEL Microcrystallography of Self-Assembling Silver n-Alkanethiolates,” Journal of the American Chemical Society,  145(31): p. 17042-55, 2023.

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Y. Li, Y. Teixeira, G. Parlato, J. Grace, F. Wang, B.D. Huey, and X. Wang, “Three-dimensional thermochromic liquid crystal elastomer structures with reversible shape-morphing and color-changing capabilities for soft robotics,” Soft Matter,  18(36): p. 6857-67, 2022.

N. Iqbal, D.J. Colvin, E.J. Schneller, T.S. Sakthivel, R. Ristau, B.D. Huey, X. Ben, J.-N. Jaubert, A.J. Curran, and M. Wang, “Characterization of front contact degradation in monocrystalline and multicrystalline silicon photovoltaic modules following damp heat exposure,” Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells,  235: p. 111468, 2022.

Z. Gao, G. Wu, Y. Song, H. Li, Y. Zhang, M.J. Schneider, Y. Qiang, J. Kaszas, Z. Weng, and H. Sun, “Multiplexed Monitoring of Neurochemicals via Electrografting-Enabled Site-Selective Functionalization of Aptamers on Field-Effect Transistors,” Analytical Chemistry, 2022.

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J. Song, S. Zhuang, M. Martin, L.A. Ortiz‐Flores, B. Paudel, D. Yarotski, J. Hu, A. Chen, and B.D. Huey, “Interfacial‐Strain‐Controlled Ferroelectricity in Self‐Assembled BiFeO3 Nanostructures,” Advanced Functional Materials,  31(34): p. 2102311, 2021.

J. Song, Y. Zhou, and B.D. Huey, “3D structure–property correlations of electronic and energy materials by tomographic atomic force microscopy,” Applied Physics Letters,  118(8): p. 080501, 2021.

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S.V. Kalinin, J.J. Steffes, Y. Liu, B.D. Huey, and M. Ziatdinov, “Disentangling ferroelectric domain wall geometries and pathways in dynamic piezoresponse force microscopy via unsupervised machine learning,” Nanotechnology,  33(5): p. 055707, 2021.

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