e-Bulletin 2022

3    Department News 
15  Undergraduate Students
19  Senior Design Day
23  Graduate Students
25  Alumni


e-Bulletin 2021

3    Research 
9    Department News
13  Undergraduate Students
15  Senior Design Day
19  Graduate Students
23  Alumni


e-Bulletin 2020

3   Research 
7   Department News
9   Undergraduate Students
14 Senior Design Day
17 Graduate Students
18 Alumni


e-Bulletin 2019

5   Data Mining for Critical Research Traits: Perseverance and Ability to Handle the Unexpected 
7   A Microscope as a shovel? UConn Researchers Dig It
14 Ulbrich Steel’s MSE Alumni Foster Collaboration and Partnership
16 Undergraduate Joe Podbielski Juggles Class, Lab Duties and Working on Blackhawks
24 MSE Research Partners in $12.5M DOE Research Center
41 2018-19 Alumni Briefs


e-Bulletin 2018

2   Spider Silk Key to New Bone-Fixing Composite
13 Meet Our New Faculty
21 Congratulations to the Class of 2018
22 MSE Grad Student Takes Home Gold at National Engineering Conference
24 STEM Scholar Ryan Cordier’s Learning Has No Borders 
29 Alumnus Kai Song Explores the “Unseen World” at Apple

e-Bulletin 2017

2 New Material Promises Benefits to Deep Space Travel.
5  MSE Researcher Awarded Millions in Funding by the DOD.
7  New Vice President for Research Seeks to Grow UConn’s Enterprise with an Inclusive Approach.
9  Professor Puxian Gao Achieves Professional Milestone.
15 MSE Undergraduate is Close to Treating a Very Common Disease. 
19 Alumna Jacquelynn Garofano Explains Her Multi-Faceted Spectrum of Success. 

e-Bulletin 2016

3  MSE Professor “Rampi” Ramprasad and his students use machine learning to build new materials rationally.
7  Dr. Cato T. Laurencin receives the National Medal of Technology and Innovation, among other honors.
9  Materials  engineering Center of Excellence opens in collaboration with the University of Connecticut.
11 The Innovative Partnership Building will house CAMMA, a Center for Advanced Microscopy and Materials Analysis.
14 MSE Professor Radenka Maric joins the leadership team to identify future investments and secure industry partners. 
19 Villa, Ph.D., pursues further research into the human microbiome, and creates the tools needed to dig a little deeper.  

e-Bulletin 2015

  3  Female STEM Trailblazers, MSE women honored for academic excellence, innovation, and leadership
  9  Keramos Microscopy Contest, Students showcase the precision and artistry of materials beneath the microscope
11  2015 Commencement, MSE celebrates its accomplished Class of 2015
14  Building the Next Generation of Efficient Computers
18  Such Great Heights, Alumnus Brian Gardener takes his MSE education to the highest summits in the world



Fall 2014

  2  “It is up to you how far you go”, MSE celebrates 2014 Commencement
  7  KX Technologies Taps into MSE Student Talent
12  The Future of Functional Oxides
14  Dr. Radenka Maric and Dr. Mark Aindow Awarded Fuel Cell Funding
16  Dr. Venkat Vendula Joinds MSE Industrial Advisory Board
18  Alumna Dr. Anne Silberstein Named to UConn Academy of Distinguished Engineers
22 MSE establishes the Dr. Owen F. Devereux Scholarship


 Spring 2014

  4  Student News
  8  Department News
12  Faculty News
14  Alumni News


Fall/Winter 2013

  4  Student News
  7  Graduation 2013
  9  Department News
12  Faculty Research
13  Faculty Awards
18  MSE Faculty at a Glance