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Institute for Regenerative Engineering

The Institute for Regenerative Engineering research space at the University of Connecticut consists of ~7000 square feet of newly renovated laboratories.

The laboratories consist of chemical hoods, rotovaporators, a lyophilizer, a Sorvall ultracentrifuge, pH meters, and balances. Five cell culture/cell biology laboratory are also present and consists of a sterile laminar flow hood, -20°C, -70°C and -150°C freezers, refrigerators, laptop and microcentrifuges and 8 CO2 incubators and 4 Zeiss microscopes equipped with camera and video imaging/analysis system and two incubators equipped with bioreactors.

A separate dark room is available for image development and equipments for performing RT-PCR (Biorad), and for performing Western blot (Biorad). Additional equipment includes instrumentation for drug delivery/transport research and contains a High performance liquid chromatograpy (HPLC), Instron-5500 mechanical testing system, Gel Permeation Chromatography (GPC), U.V and I.R spectrophotometers.

The laboratory space in the Chemical Engineering department is allocated for polymer synthesis and consists of a nitrogen glove box, an oven for thermal polymerization and a chemical hood for synthesis.