Avinash M. Dongare

DMSE_094-EditAvinash M. Dongare
Director for Graduate Studies
Ph.D., University of Virginia, Charlottesville (2008) 

Department of Materials Science and Engineering
25 King Hill Road Storrs, CT 06269-3136
Office: MZ-208
Phone: (860) 486-2592
E-mail: dongare@uconn.edu   
Web: http://dongare.group.uconn.edu/



Current Research

Development and application of advanced computational methods (molecular dynamics, Monte Carlo, density functional theory, coarse-grained methods, etc.) to investigate the behavior and properties of novel materials across multiple scales. Some of the current research projects are:

  • Mechanics of nanostructured materials
  • Corrosion related degradation and failure in extreme environments
  • Electronic properties of nanostructured materials
  • Materials in extreme environments (Shock, high strain rates, high pressures, high temperatures)
  • Thermodynamics and phase transformations
  • Interfaces effects on mechanical behavior


Awards & Honors

2018-2021 United Technologies Corporation (UTC) Professor in Engineering Innovation
2018 – 2019, 2014-2015 Outstanding Faculty Award, MSE, UConn
2015 NSF Faculty Early Career Development Award, (CAREER) 
2015 Young Leader Award, TMS – Structural Materials Division
2013 ORISE/ORAU Visiting Faculty Fellow, US Army Research Laboratory
2007 National Research Council – Research Associateship Award: U. S. Army Research Office


Recent Publications

Ma and A. M. Dongare, Role of α-ε-α Phase Transformation on the Spall behavior of Iron at Atomic Scales, J. Mater. Sci. 57, 12556 (2022). [Link]

Mishra, K. Ma, and A.M. Dongare, Virtual diffraction simulations using the quasi-coarse-grained dynamics method to understand and interpret plasticity contributions during in situ shock experiments, J. Mater. Sci. 57, 12782 (2022). [Link]

Mishra, M. J Echeverria, K. Ma, S. Parida, C. Chen, S. Galitskiy, and A. M. Dongare, Virtual texture analysis to investigate the deformation mechanisms in metal microstructures at the atomic scale, J. Mater. Sci. 57, 10549 (2022). [Link]

Mishra, J. Lind, M. Kumar, and A. M. Dongare, Understanding the Phase Transformation Mechanisms that affect the Dynamic Response of Fe-based Microstructures at the Atomic Scales, J. Appl. Phys. 130, 215902 (2021). [Link]

Ghosh, M. K. Singh, S. Parida, A. Dobley, A. M. Dongare, C. B. Carter, Characterizing Li in partially lithiated layer materials using atomic-resolution imaging, modeling, and simulation, J. Am. Ceram. Soc. 105, 1581 (2021). [Link]

J. Echeverria, S. Galitskiy, A. Mishra, R Dingreville, A. M. Dongare, Understanding the plasticity contributions during laser-shock loading and spall failure of Cu microstructures at the atomic scales, Comp. Mater. Sci. 198, 110668 (2021). [Link]

Mishra, C. Kunka, M. J. Echeverria, R. Dingreville, A. M. Dongare, Fingerprinting shock-induced deformations via diffraction, Scientific Reports 11, 9872 (2021). [Link]

Ma, J. Chen, A. M. Dongare, Role of pre-existing dislocations on the shock compression and spall behavior in single-crystal copper at atomic scales, J. Appl. Phys. 129, 175901 (2021). [Link]

Galitskiy, and A. M. Dongare, Modeling the damage evolution and recompression behavior during laser shock loading of aluminum microstructures at the mesoscales, J. Mater. Sci. 56, 4446 (2021). [Link]

Ghosh, M. K. Singh, S. Parida, M. T Janish, A. Dobley, A. M. Dongare, C B. Carter, Phase evolution and structural modulation during in situ lithiation of MoS 2, WS 2 and graphite in TEM, Scientific Reports 11, 9014 (2021). [Link]

Parida, A. Mishra, J. Chen, J. Wang, A. Dobley, C. B. Carter, A. M. Dongare, Vertically Stacked 2H‐1T Dual‐Phase MoS2 Microstructures during Lithium Intercalation: A First Principles Study, J. Am. Ceram. Soc., 103, 6603 (2020). [Link]

Agarwal, R. R. Valisetty, and A. M. Dongare, Shock Wave Compression Behavior and Dislocation Density Evolution in Al Microstructures at the Atomic Scales and the Mesoscales, Int. J. Plast., 128, 102678 (2020). [Link]

J Flanagan, S. Vijayan, S. Galitskiy, J. Davis, B. A Bedard, C.L Williams, A. M. Dongare, M.Aindow, and S.-W. Lee, Shock-induced deformation twinning and softening in magnesium single crystals, Materials & Design 194, 108884 (2020). [Link]

Chen, S. Mathaudhu, N. Thadhani, and A. M. Dongare, Unravelling the Role of Interfaces on the Spall Failure of Cu/Ta Multilayered Systems, Sci. Rep. 10, 208 (2020). [Link]

M. Dongare, Viewpoint: Challenges to model the role of heterogeneities on the shock response and spall failure of metallic materials at the mesoscales, J. Mater. Sci. 55, 3157 (2020). [Link] [Cover Feature, Vol 55, Issue 8 (2020)]

Suresh, S-W Lee, M. Aindow, H. Brody, V. R. Champagne, and A. M. Dongare, Mesoscale modeling of jet initiation behavior and microstructural evolution during cold spray single particle impact, Acta Mater. 182, 197 (2020). [Link]

Chen, E. Han, A. M. Dongare, and S. Fensin, Understanding and Predicting Damage and Failure at Grain Boundaries in BCC Ta, J. Appl. Phys. 126, 165902 (2019). [Link] [Cover Feature, Vol 126, Issue 16 (2019)]

Galitskiy, D. S. Ivanov and A. M. Dongare, Dynamic evolution of microstructure during laser shock loading and spall, J. Appl. Phys. 124, 205901 (2018). [Link] [Cover Feature, Vol 124, Issue 20 (2018)]

McCreary, R. Ghosh, M. Amani, J. Wang, K.-A. N. Duerloo, A. Sharma, K. Jarvis, E. Reed, A. M. Dongare, S. K. Banerjee, M. Terrones, R. R. Namburu and M. Dubey, Effects of uniaxial and biaxial strain on CVD-grown few-layered terrace structures of MoS2, ACS Nano 10, 3186 (2016). [Link]

M. Dongare, Quasi-coarse-grained dynamics: modeling of metallic materials at mesoscales, Phil. Mag. 94, 3877 (2014). [Link]

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