Prabhakar Singh

Singh_w180Prabhakar Singh
UTC Endowed Chair Professor
Ph.D., University of Sheffield (1978), England

Department of Materials Science & Engineering
Center for Clean Energy Engineering
44 Weaver Rd. Storrs CT 06269
Phone: (860) 486-8379




Current Research

  • High temperature energy conversion including SOFC and oxy-combustion
  • High temperature electrochemistry- fuel cells, electrolysis and gas separation membranes
  • Functional materials – perovskites, fluorites, ionic and electronic conducting ceramics
  • Oxidation of metals and alloys in complex environment, protective coatings
  • Advanced energy systems and efficient utilization of abundant natural gas
  • Molten salt systems – fuel cells, batteries and carbon capture
  • Hydrogen production and high temperature electrolysis
  • High temperature Fe, Ni and Co based alloys and surface protection under aggressive environment; Metal-hydrogen interaction
  • Carbon capture and utilization


Awards & Honors

2012 Member, Connecticut Academy of Science and Engineering
2009 United Technologies Endowed Chair Professor
2009 Member, Washington Academy of Science
2008 Fellow National Association of Corrosion Engineers
2008 Scientific and Technical Achievement award – PNNL
2006 Outstanding Performance Award – PNNL
2005 Chairman, Energy Committee, ASM International
2003 Fellow, American Ceramic Society
1998 Fellow, American Society for Metals

Recent Publications

M.R. Anisur, Ashish Aphale, Michael Reisert, Pawan Kumar Dubey, Su Jeong Heo, Junsung Hong, Kailash Patil, Hui Xu, Chao-Yi Yuh, Prabhakar Singh ”Stability of ceramic matrix materials in molten hydroxide under oxidizing and reducing conditions” International Journal of Hydrogen Energy

M Reisert, V Berova, A Aphale, P Singh, MC Tucker “Oxidation of porous stainless steel supports for metal-supported solid oxide fuel cells” International Journal of Hydrogen Energy

J Hong, SJ Heo, P Singh “Combined Cr and S poisoning behaviors of La1−xSrxMnO3±δ and La1−xSrxCo1−yFeyO3−δ cathodes in solid oxide fuel cells” Applied Surface Science Volume 530, 15 November 2020, 147253 2020

MF Serincan, U Pasaogullari, P Singh “Controlling reformation rate for a more uniform temperature distribution in an internal methane steam reforming solid oxide fuel cell” Journal of Power Sources 468, 2283 2020

Hanping Ding, Wei Wu, Chao Jinag, Yong Ding, Wenjuan Bian, Boxun Hu, Prabhakar Singh, Christopher J Orme, Lucun Wang, Yunya Zhang, Dong Ding Ding“Self-sustainable protonic ceramic electrochemical cells using a triple conducting electrode for hydrogen and power production” Nature Communications 11 (, 19078 2020

A Aphale, J Hong, B Hu, P Singh “Development and Validation of Chromium Getters for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Power Systems” JoVE (Journal of Visualized Experiments), e59623 3 2019

J Hong, Y Ko, KY Cho, DG Shin, P Singh, DH Riu “In situ generation of graphene network in silicon carbide fibers: Role of iodine and carbon monoxide” Carbon 158, 110-1202020

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SJ Heo, J Hong, A Aphale, B Hu, P Singh “ Chromium Poisoning of La1-xSrxMnO3±δ Cathodes and Electrochemical Validation of Chromium Getters in Intermediate Temperature-Solid Oxide Fuel Cells” Journal of The Electrochemical Society 166 (13), F990-F995 3 2019

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A Aphale, MA Uddin, B Hu, SJ Heo, J Hong, P Singh “ Synthesis and stability of SrxNiyOz getter for solid oxide fuel cells” Journal of the Electrochemical society 165 (9), F635-F640 8 2018

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A Aphale, L Narayan, B Hu, A Pandey, P Singh “Surface pre-treatment of alumina forming alloy and its implication on Cr evaporation” ECS Transactions 85, 57-63     2018