S. Pamir Alpay

Professor AlpayS. Pamir Alpay
Associate Dean for Research and Industrial Partnerships
GE Professor in Advanced Manufacturing;
Executive Director, UConn IPB/Tech Park
Ph.D., University of Maryland (1999)

Innovation Partnership Building at the UConn Tech Park
159 Discovery Drive
Storrs, CT 06269
Phone: (860) 486-6917
Email: pamir.alpay@uconn.edu   Web: http://alpay.ims.uconn.edu


Research Interests

  • Multiscale modeling of materials
  • Ferroic and multiferroic materials
  • Conducting oxides
  • Polarizable semiconductors
  • Tunable dielectrics for microwave devices
  • Defect microstructures in functional materials
  • Materials for electrical contacts
  • Electrothermal properties of materials (IR detection, on-chip heating/cooling)

 Awards & Honors

2018 Elected Fellow of the American Ceramic Society
2018 UConn-The American Association of Professors (AAUP) Excellence in Career Research and Creativity Award
2017 General Electric Professor in Advanced Manufacturing
2014 Elected Fellow of the American Physical Society
2013 Outstanding Faculty Advisor Award, University of Connecticut
2013 University of Connecticut Materials Science and Engineering Award for Teaching Excellence
2012 Elected Member of Connecticut Academy of Science and Engineering
2008-2010 United Technologies Corporation (UTC) Professor in Engineering Innovation Award
2004 Outstanding Junior Faculty Award of the School of Engineering, University of Connecticut
2001 National Science Foundation Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Award

Recent Publications

A. Ghosh, D. P. Trujillo, H. Choi, S. M. Nakhmanson, S. P. Alpay, and J-X. Zhu, “Electronic and Magnetic Properties of Lanthanum and Strontium Doped Bismuth Ferrite: A First-Principles Study,” Scientific Reports 9, 194 (2019).

K. Co, F. Sun, S. P. Alpay, and S. K. Nayak,Polarization Rotation in Bi4Ti3O12 by Isovalent Doping at the Fluorite Sublattice,” Phys Rev. B. 99, 014101 (2019).

S. K. Nayak, C. Hung, R. J. Hebert, and S. P. Alpay, “Atomistic Origins of Guinier-Preston Zone Formation and Morphology in Al-Cu and Al-Ag Alloys from First Principles,” Scripta Mater. 162, 235 –240 (2019).

B. Hanrahan, Y. Espinal, S. Liu, Z. Zhang, A. Khaligh, A. Smith, and S. P. Alpay, “Combining Inverse and Conventional Pyroelectricity in Antiferroelectric Thin Films for Energy Conversion,” J. Mater. Chem. C. 6, 9828-9834 (2018).

J. Mangeri, S. P. Alpay, S. Nakhmanson, and O. G. Heinonen, “Electromechanical Control of Polarization Vortex Ordering in an Interacting Ferroelectric-Dielectric Composite Dimer,” Appl. Phys. Lett. 113, 092901 (2018).

S. Sahoo, S. L. Suib, and S. P. Alpay, “Graphene Supported Single Atom Transition Metal Catalysts for Methane Activation,” ChemCatChem 10, 3229 – 3235 (2018) – front cover.

K. C. Pitike, J. Mangeri, H. Whitlock, T. Patel, P. Dyer, S. P. Alpay, and S. M. Nakhmanson, “Metastable vortex-like polarization textures in ferroelectric nanoparticles of different shapes and sizes,” J. Appl. Phys. 124, 064104 (2018) – highlighted as Editor’s Pick.

Y. Espinal, S. P. Alpay, M. Howard, and B. Hanrahan, “Dielectric Properties and Resistive Switching Characteristics of Lead Zirconate Titanate/Hafnia Heterostructures,” J. Appl. Phys. 124, 064103 (2018).

B. Dutta, S. March, L. Achola, S. Sahoo, J. He, A. S. Amin, Y. Wu, S. Poges, S. P. Alpay, and S. L. Suib, “Mesoporous Cobalt/Manganese Oxide: A Highly Selective Bifunctional Catalyst for Amine–Imine Transformations,” Green Chem. 20, 3180-3185 (2018) – front cover.

S. Sahoo, R. J. Hebert, and S. P. Alpay, “Surface Phase Diagrams of Titanium in Oxygen, Nitrogen and Hydrogen Environments: A First Principles Analysis,” Surface Science 677, 18-25 (2018).

B. Hanrahan, Y. Espinal, C. Neville, R. Rudy, M. Rivas, A. Smith, M. T. Kesim, and S. P. Alpay, “Accounting for the Various Contributions to Pyroelectricity in Lead Zirconate Titanate Thin Films,” J. Appl. Phys. 123, 124104 (2018).

M. T. Kesim, H. Yu, Y. Sun, M. Aindow, and S. P. Alpay, “Corrosion, Oxidation, Erosion and Performance of Ag/W-based Circuit Breaker Contacts: A Review,” Corrosion Science 135, 12-34 (2018).