Seminars Spring 2015

M.S. students and Ph.D. students are required to attend all seminars to earn MSE 6401 course credit. You may substitute up to 3 seminars each semester. Students need to complete and submit a missed seminar make-up form. Click here to download the seminar make-up form.

Date Time Location Speaker Organization Topic
1/30/2015 9:05am IMS-20

Dr. Steve Suib, Director, Institute of Materials Science, Professor of Chemistry, Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor

UConn Novel Porous Metal Oxides and Sulfides and Their Applications in Adsorption, Batteries, and Catalysis
2/6/2015 9:05am IMS-20

Kathy Saint, President

Schwerdtle Stamp Company TBA
2/13/2015 9:05am IMS-20

Dr. Michael Pettes, Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering

UConn Thermal Transport in Low-Dimensional Materials
2/20/2015 9:05am IMS-20

Dr. E. Andrew Payzant, Engineering Materials Group Leader, Chemical and Engineering Materials Division

Neutron Sciences Directorate Oak Ridge National Laboratory Neutron Scattering for the Characterization of Engineering Materials
3/27/2015 9:05am IMS-20 Graduate Student Award Presentations    
4/17/2015 9:05am IMS-20

Dr. Chang-Yong Nam, Staff Scientist, Center for Functional Nanomaterials

Brookhaven National Laboratory Direct Patterning of Arbitrary Metal Oxide Nanostructures Using Polymer Template Nanoreactors
4/24/2015 9:05am IMS-20

Dr. Amit Misra, Professor and Chair, Department of Materials Science and Engineering

University of Michigan Designing Metallic Nanolayered Composites for High Strength and Damage Tolerance


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