Seminars Fall 2012

M.S. students and Ph.D. students are required to attend all seminars to earn MSE 6401 course credit. You may substitute up to 3 seminars each semester. Students need to complete and submit a missed seminar make-up form. 

Date Time Location Speaker Organization Topic
8/31/12 11:00am IMS 20 Stefan Wawzyneicki
Environmental Health & Safety Manager
UConn Laboratory Safety & Hazardous Waste Management
9/7/12 11:00am IMS 20 Molly M. Gentleman
Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Texas A&M University Turbine Engines to Hip Implants: Designing Multifunctional Ceramic Coatings
9/21/12 11:00am IMS 20 Miodrag Oljaca Cabot Corporation New Materials for Lithium-ion Battery Applications
10/5/12 11:00am IMS 20 Susan Torti UConn Health Center Carbon Nanotubes in Cancer Therapy
10/19/12 11:00am IMS 20 Frans Spaepen
John C. and Helen F. Franklin Professor of Applied Physics; Director of the Rowland Institute
Harvard University Live 3D Modeling with Colloids
11/2/12 11:00am IMS 20 Stan Whittingham
Professor, Chemistry and Materials Science & Engineering; Director, Institute for Materials Research
Binghamton University Materials – The Technology Barrier to Advanced Batteries for Energy Storage
11/16/12 11:00am IMS 20 Dave Williams
Dean of the College of Engineering; Presidential Professor of Engineering
Ohio State University Reflections on Microscopy & Analysis: From Viewing the Small World to Leading on a Larger Stage
12/7/12 11:00am IMS 20 Chris Schuh
Professor; Department Head
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Harder, Cheaper, Greener: The Design and Deployment of Stabilized Nanocrystalline Alloy Coatings


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