Seminar Fall 2015

M.S. students and Ph.D. students are required to attend all seminars to earn MSE 6401 course credit. You may substitute up to 3 seminars each semester. Students need to complete and submit a missed seminar make-up form. Click here to download the seminar make-up form.

Date Time Location Speaker Organization Topic
9/11/2015 9:05am IMS-20

Dr. Priya Vashishta, Professor
Department of Physics and Astronomy

University of Southern California Massively Parallel Reactive and Quantum Molecular Dynamics Simulations”
9/18/2015 9:05am IMS-20

Dr. Rajendra K. Bordia, Professor and Chair Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Clemson University Analysis and Simulation Guided Processing of Hierarchical Porous Ceramics”
9/25/2015 9:05am IMS-20

Dr. Anthony Giamei, Retiree

United Technologies Research Center R&D Leading to the Use of Single Crystal Superalloys in Gas Turbine Engines”
10/2/2015 9:05am IMS-20

Dr. Valeria Milam, Associate Professor, School of Materials Science and Engineering

Georgia Institute of Technology Selection and Characterization of Oligonucleotide-Based Ligands for Material Targets
10/23/2015 9:05am IMS-20 Dr. Venkat Vedula, Director
Materials Engineering
UTC Aerospace Systems Advanced Materials R&D for Aerospace Applications”
10/30/2015 9:05am IMS-20

Dr. Paul Keblinski, Professor and Department Head, Materials Science and Engineering Department

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Multiple Phonon Scattering at Proximal Interfaces”
  Distringuished Lecture  
11/6/2015 12pm Oak Hall, Room 101 Dr. Cato T. Laurencin, University Professor; Van Dusen Distinguished Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery;
Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering;
Professor of Materials Science and Engineering; Director, Sackler Center for Biomedical, Biological,
Physical & Engineering Sciences;
Director, The Institute for Regenerative Engineering;
Chief Executive Officer, Connecticut Institute for Clinical and Translational Science
UConn Regenerative Engineering: Answering the Next Generation Grand Challenges
11/20/2015 9:05am IMS-20

Dr. Jonah Erlebacher, Chair and Professor, Department of Materials Science and Engineering

John Hopkins University Are We There Yet? Advanced Catalysts for Automotive Fuel Cells via Electrochemical Dealloying


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