New MSE Research Awards

MSE would like to recognize its professors to whom research funding has recently been awarded.


Prof. M. Aindow

Dr. Mark Aindow received a grant from the U.S. Chrome Corporation for his project entitled Processing/Microstructure/Property Relationships in Electroplated Cobalt-Phosphorus Hard Coatings, totaling $154,348 over a two-year period.  Dr. Mark Aindow has been a UConn MSE professor since 1999, and served as the Director of the MSE Program for three years.  The focus of Dr. Aindow’s research group is microstructural development in engineering materials. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Liverpool in 1989.






Prof. R. Maric

Dr. Radenka Maric and Dr. Ugur Pasaogullari (a professor in Mechanical Engineering) received a one-year grant from Advent Technologies for their project entitled One Step Direct Deposition of Durable Cathodes for High Temperature Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells (PEMFC), totaling $167,156 over one year. Additionally, a team consisting of Dr. Maric, MSE Professor C.  Barry Carter, and Chemical Engineering Professor William Mustain was awarded a $50,000 grant from the DoE/Proton OnSite for Single Step Manufacturing of Low Catalyst Loading Electrolyzer MEAs.  Dr. Radenka Maric is the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund Professor of Sustainable Energy at UConn, and has been an MSE professor since 2010. Prior to her position at UConn, Dr. Maric worked in industry in several different countries.  She received her Ph.D. from the University of Kyoto in 1996.




Prof. P. Singh

Finally, Dr. Prabhakar Singh, Dr. Ugur Pasaogullari, and Dr. Steven Suib (Professor of Chemistry) received a two-year, $205,593 DoE/Fuel Cell Energy grant for their project entitled Thermally Integrated Solid State Hydrogen Separator and Compressor Development Support.  Dr. Prabhakar Singh is the Director of the Center for Clean Energy Engineering and UTC Chair Professor of Fuel Cell Technology. Prior to his position at UConn, he served as the Fuel Cell Development Director at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Sheffield in 1978.

Published: March 18, 2013

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