MSE Professors’ Work Featured on Cover Of Journal Of Applied Physics

By Alec Arbia, Written Communications Assistant

JAP Cover

The September 2023 cover of the Journal of Applied Physics.

A publication by Material Science and Engineering (MSE) Professors S. Pamir Alpay and Serge Nakhmanson, “Modeling structure–properties relations in compositionally disordered relaxor dielectrics at the nanoscale,” is being featured on the cover of the Journal of Applied Physics. Two other researchers involved with this publication are UConn alums Ashok Gurung and John Mangeri.

Their work involves understanding the influence of microstructure and morphology in dielectric materials, such as relaxor Ba1-xSrxTiO3, on their properties and performance in a variety of technological applications. They studied the frequency-dependent dielectric response of this solid-solution system while accounting for the local fluctuations in its composition. To do this, they adopted a phase-field method combined with finite element based simulations.

S. Pamir Alpay has been a part of UConn’s MSE department since 2001. He served as MSE’s Department Head from 2013-2017, and was made a Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor in 2020. Currently, he serves as UConn’s Vice President for Research, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship. Serge Nakhmanson has been at UConn since 2013 and is an Associate Professor in MSE and Physics departments. Currently, he serves as MSE’s Director for Accreditation.

Published: September 26, 2023

Categories: faculty, news, research

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