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By Alec Arbia, Written Communications Assistant

photo of MSE Alumnus Jake Lampron (BS’16), Materials Engineer II at Medtronic

MSE Alumnus Jake Lampron (BS’16), Materials Engineer II at Medtronic

Jake Lampron, MSE alum (BS’16), has been a Type I Diabetic since age 7. “When I was about 12 or 13, I began using an insulin pump manufactured by Medtronic. My familiarity with the product and desire to help others lead me to applying for jobs at Medtronic and ultimately getting an offer.”
When Lampron first arrived at UConn, he didn’t even know that materials science and engineering (mse) was a major. “I was planning to major in mechanical engineering. After taking Engineering 1000 and hearing all about mse, I thought that it may be a better path for me. One reason for this was my liking for chemistry, which seemed much more prevalent in mse than in mechanical engineering. Additionally, mse seemed to be on the rise in popularity among companies and I believed the job prospects would be better upon graduation.”
There were several professors that had a lasting impact on Lampron. “Professor Daniel Goberman was so passionate and always full of energy; his enthusiasm for this field and commitment to passing that along is what I always remember. Professor Seok-Woo Lee was a great teacher and his dedication to his students is something that I really admired and appreciated. Professor Harold Brody, my advisor, was a great mentor to me during my time at UConn.”
Lampron’s current job title at Medtronic is Materials Engineer II. “In my current role, there are two focuses. First, I support the released-product engineering team to keep materials and components available to support ongoing manufacturing. In this role, I support material change products brought about by material obsolescence, failures, or regulatory compliance. The selection of materials is based upon many criteria, but the most important things I look at include material properties and biocompatibility.”
“The second focus involves sustainability and ensuring a successful future for the company,” Lampron said. “With regulations becoming even more stringent, it is important to identify and utilize materials that will not be restricted and of course are safe for use. Identifying new materials-processing technologies is another important aspect of my role. It ensures we are manufacturing our products with the highest efficiency and cost effectiveness as possible.”
As a Type I Diabetic, Lamprom knows firsthand “the importance of these devices and how they can change lives. The most rewarding part of my job is knowing that the products I help to design and provide will be important for patients all over the world. Even though I am just a small part of the entire operation, I feel a sense of happiness realizing that I had some part in providing a positive impact on someone else’s life.”
Lampron was eager to talk about the future of this technology. “My team has been looking at the new regulations being set by the regulatory bodies and regions across the globe. When we identify nonconformances, I assist in performing investigations to understand the failures and see what changes need to be made. In some instances, big changes may need to take place in terms of the material being used or the way parts are joined together. A lot of my upcoming work will look at potential alternatives and different ways of manufacturing to remain in compliance with these new regulations. I am looking forward to this, as it gives an opportunity to think outside the box and allows me to use my materials background and knowledge to make safer and better products for those who really need them.”
What Lampron wants current mse students to know is simple: “This field is still on the rise and there are so many opportunities out there. A major in mse will give great insight into materials behavior and considerations for design, which is imperative to many roles within engineering. As for a career, I believe that many employers are realizing the need for more mse majors, which opens many doors. The nice thing about mse is that with our background there are so many different industries and positions available, which means we have the opportunity to choose a job that best aligns with our interests.”

Published: May 26, 2023

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