Dr. Syam Nukavarapu’s Research Featured as Cover Article in Tissue Engineering

Cover of Tissue Engineering, April 2016

The cover photo depicting Syam Nukavarapu’s report on OTC matrices that support the co-existence of bone and vessel forming cells deep inside the matrix. The staining shows endothelial cell survival and activity deep inside an oxygen tension controlled (OTC) matrix. Through a functional bone defect model, it has been demonstrated that the OTC matrices seeded with bone and blood vessel forming cells support vascularized and large-area bone regeneration.


Dr. Syam Nukavarapu

Dr. Syam Nukavarapu’s publication, “Oxygen-tension controlled matrices for enhanced osteogenic cell survival and performance,” reported a new matrix system for bone regeneration. The article was featured on the cover of Tissue Engineering, one of the leading journals in Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering, for its April Issue. 

In the publication, Dr. Nukavarapu’s laboratory reported Oxygen Tension Controlled (OTC) matrices that support large-area bone regeneration. The novel matrices have the potential to be used as engineered structures for segmental bone defect repair. Dr. Nukavarapu is a faculty member of MSE, BME, and Orthopedic Surgery departments, and his laboratory is located on the UConn Health Center campus.

Tissue Engineering is the official journal of the Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine International Society (TERMIS), and brings together scientific and medical experts in the fields of biomedical engineering, materials science, molecular and cellular biology, and genetic engineering. 

Nukavarapu is the recipient of multiple awards and honors at UConn, and his research interests include biomaterials, tissue engineering, advanced composites and structures for bone and bone-cartilage interface regeneration, and intra-operative tissue engineering methods.

Published: May 27, 2016

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