Diverse Experiences in MSE Doctoral Program Help Shape Alumna’s Career

By Samantha Bertolino

Deljoo Bahareh

MSE alumna Bahareh Deljoo, Ph.D. (Peter Morenus/UConn Photo)

The MSE program at UConn often announces employment opportunities that are available to graduating students across a wide range of industries. That is how MSE alumna Dr. Bahareh Deljoo (’20) ultimately secured a position at Intel as an integration engineer. Her main responsibilities at Intel involve designing and conducting experiments in order to meet engineering specifications, as well as critically examining production data to maintain yield and identify any production issues. She was initially attracted to the company’s state-of-the-art technologies, in addition to its strong sense of community.

Bahareh found that she was well prepared for the range of technical and interpersonal skills that are necessary for success at Intel. As a doctoral student in the MSE program, she conducted her dissertation research under the guidance of Professor Mark Aindow. In her work as a microscopist, she investigated a number of material systems, which gave her an opportunity to enhance the research and problem-solving skills that are now essential in her work in industry. She also collaborated with researchers both within the university and at other universities, and networked with industry affiliates. These interactions helped her to delve deeper into her research topic, develop her career vision, and hone her communication skills.

In addition, Bahareh was an active participant in several student-lead organizations, many of which facilitated new connections with students of varied backgrounds and fields of study. She served on the board of the Student Organization of Graduate Engineers (SAGE) and on the Graduate Student Senate (GSS). Her membership in these organizations promoted a great deal of professional and personal growth. “You learn about different people and make great friends. From there, you can start to build a powerful network. Those groups were the perfect addition to my graduate life,” Bahareh stated. While many technical subjects can be mastered in a semester or two, certain skills take much longer to build. In this regard, the varied experiences available to Bahareh during her time in the MSE program played a key role in helping her to build competencies in networking, leadership and teamwork.

In her advice to current MSE students, Bahareh noted that a career in materials science allows ample room for a person to both explore their interests and grow their skills. She urges students to take their time investigating the different career paths that can be taken. “The connections that a person will make throughout their academic career will become very valuable in the future.”

Published: December 18, 2020

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