Three Materials Science Professors Elected as Members of the Connecticut Academy of Science and Engineering (CASE)

Professor S. Pamir Alpay, Professor Radenka Maric, and Professor Prabhakar Singh are newly elected members to the Connecticut Academy of Science and Engineering. The Academy is a non-profit institution patterned after the National Academy of Sciences. The Academy’s main objectives are to provide information and advice on science and technology to the government, industry and people of Connecticut and to encourage youths interest in science, engineering, and technology.

The Membership is limited to 400 distinguished scientists and engineers from Connecticut’s academic, industrial and institutional communities.

Professor S. Pamir Alpay is recognized for his seminal contributions to the science and engineering of materials in the areas of: thermodynamics and kinetics of phase transformations in ferroelectric, ferromagnetic, and shape memory thin films as well as in tunable materials for microwave devices.


Professor Radenka Maric specializes in the development and improvement of ceramics for solid-oxide fuel cells. She is an expert on the use of Nanostructured Materials as a key component for emerging applications. She is a leading developer in the manufacturing and commercialization of engineered fine particles, especially using the reactive spray deposition technology (RSDT) which she has helped pioneer and has installed at UConn.

Professor Prabhakar Singh has made outstanding technical contributions to the field of electrochemistry and electrochemical fuel cell power generation systems development, the understanding of high temperature materials corrosion in complex multi-oxidant and bi-polar exposure conditions, and metallic and ceramic functional materials development. Additionally, he is recognized for his vision for public-private partnerships and “Science to Systems” research in fields ranging from advanced energy conversion systems to the efficient utilization of fuels and power management and delivery; and for mentoring and training graduate and undergraduate students and active participation in outreach activities at local community middle and high schools to promote science and engineering disciplines.

Published: March 23, 2012

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