Student Resources

Based on the current scenario, MSE is committed to enabling all enrolled students to complete their spring classes according to the normal academic calendar. Advising will also proceed on the normal timeline (course signups are from 3/23 to 4/9).

At the same time, we are responding to a still-developing crisis, and as such the normal content, assessment, methods, expectations, and advising can and will evolve. Your primary goal should be to continue learning your course content, contributing to class discussions, and studying for various content assessments.

Remember, we will all need to adapt as some course content, delivery methods, assessment tools, etc., necessarily shift from the original syllabus. The faculty’s objective remains to provide core content and rigor in order to maintain continuity for next-level courses and success beyond graduation, and generally all of us remaining healthy and productive.

Courses and Advising

Your advisors will contact you directly with specific details. Your instructors will communicate by email and/or HuskyCT.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are we allowed to be on campus?

A: Yes, but according to official UConn policy all students who are able to remain at home or elsewhere following spring break should do so. For those residential students who will remain at UConn during spring break or have no alternative but to return after spring break, Student Affairs/Residential Life will work directly with them to assess needs and ensure accommodation. The Rec Center will be closed, as will many other student facilities. A dining facility and other essential services will remain open.

Q: What about research and labs?

A: The IMS will remain open, as will most facilities and core functions for the university. Presumably there will be reduced staffing and availability. Research is expected to continue, with flexibility for those who have the right to remain offsite. In general, we are all advised to work from elsewhere as much as possible. Best practices are to maintain as much social distance as possible. This is probably a great time for focusing on writing papers/theses/proposals/reports.

Q: Will the MSE and SOE staff be in the office?

A: We prioritize the health and safety of our staff, faculty, and students. We will remain busy, but from off-site as much as possible. Please assume that all business will be conducted online.

Q: How do I reach my professor, TA, or advisor?

A: Email is highly preferred. Details should be available in the course syllabus, HuskyCT, and/or PeopleSoft.

Q: Are advising and Fall 2020 course signups proceeding as usual?

A: Yes. 

  • Mandatory advising for all students can be held via WebEx, Skype, phone, or email if necessary.
    • Remember that students can only process their Fall course signups once they have [virtually] met with their advisors.
  • Here are several useful details regarding advising:
    • Fall 2020 registration beginsfor students with the most credits (121+) on Monday, March 23 at 9am. Enrollment should be completed for all students by Wednesday, April 9.
    • UConn summer registration for ALL students also begins Monday, March 23 at 9am.
    • Students will be able to make changes to their summer and fall schedules through May 15. On May 15, Student Admin’s add/drop function will “close” to current students for summer Orientation, and reopens for students to make changes only after July 22.
    • Students with (delinquent) remaining “EOD” Dean/Director holds for scholastic probation must complete their Academic Recovery and Engagement Plan, and email the academic recovery advisor listed on the same site.
    • Preliminary plans of study (students with 54+ completed credits, one-time requirement) also carry a hold.

Q: Will every course have live or pre-recorded lectures at the normally scheduled times?

A: Possibly, but not necessarily. The delivery of the course depends on individual instructors and they are likely to include a variety of materials, including pre-recorded lectures, live lectures and discussions using Collaborate Ultra, reading materials and online assignments. The specific format will depend on each professor and information will be provided via email and HuskyCT.

Q: What will happen to in-class assessments planned for the next several weeks?

A: This will depend on individual instructors. Exams may be shifted to online mode using HuskyCT (see resources). These can be synchronous using the Respondus LockDown Browser Technology, or asynchronous, i.e. take-home tests. Instructors may decide to change their assessments to a project or other format. Be sure to consult with individual instructors and HuskyCT sites for each of your courses.

Q: What will happen to final exams?

A: This is a university-wide decision. At this time, there is no plan to modify the final exam schedule.

Q: What about lab classes?

A: The department is making provisions to deliver all lab classes in alternative modes, including Senior Design. This may include video recordings of processing or measurements, with provided data for you to analyze from offsite. Some hands-on experimentation will be delayed in the hopes that we may return later in April, while other assignments and projects may necessarily be modified, substituted, or removed.

Q: What about Senior Design?

A: In general, plan to meet with your team and your supervisor remotely in order to complete necessary assignments. Senior Design Day has not been cancelled at this time and is expected to take place as scheduled.

Q: Will I still be able to graduate?

 A: MSE is committed to enabling students to complete all enrolled courses on time. Thus far, the university intends to hold graduation as scheduled.

Q: I do not have a computer. What do I do?

A: There are several options available.

  • Several, though not all functions, in HuskyCT are accessible via mobile devices.
  • If the student is on campus, they will still have access to the SOE computer lab.
  • Students can also check-out a laptop for up to four hours from the UConn library.
  • The School of Engineering IT staff is currently working on possible solutions for remote access to some of the advanced software hosted in the SOE computer labs, though this will still require a personal computer and Internet connection.

Q: I am registered with CSD. What will happen to my accommodations in the new mode?

A: You will still receive any support that you need to be successful. Contact your instructors and CSD immediately to make sure they are aware and take the necessary steps.

Q: I am conducting an independent study with lab research involved. What do I do?

A: Discuss an alternate plan with your instructor so that you can complete the independent study remotely.

Q: [For graduate students] What about summer payroll?

A:  Summer payroll is currently being processed. If you are working this summer, Lorri Lafontaine will inform you as soon as approval is received from Human Resources.  Please contact Lorri with questions.

Q: I am sick. What do I do?

A: Seek medical attention. Once you are able, contact your instructor and make alternative arrangements to make up for missed work.