Senior Design 2016

Congratulations to the 2016 MSE Senior Design Project Final Presentation Winners!

Senior Design 2016

Left to right: Victoria Radovic, Kathleen Coleman, Zach Quinn, MSE Department Head Pamir Alpay, Rebecca Stern, Amy Hernandez, Professor Rainer Hebert, Michael McGeever, and Jeremy Higgins

1st Prize: $1500

Title: Quantum Mechanical pKa Predictions of Drug-Like Molecules
Student: Rebecca Stern
Sponsor: Pfizer, Inc. Industry
Advisors: Dr. Bruno C. Hancock & Dr. Geoffrey Wood
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Serge Nakhmanson

2nd Prize: $1000

Title: Reliable Rapid Repair Using Additive Manufacturing
Students: Michael McGeever, Jeremy Higgins and Amy Hernandez
Sponsor: Sikorsky
Industry Advisors: Dr. Jonathan Garhart
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Seok-Woo Lee

3rd Prize: $750

Title: Alternative Non-metallic Materials for Transfer Pump End Cap
Students: Kathleen Coleman, Victoria Radovic, and Zach Quinn
Sponsor: Stanadyne, Inc.
Industry Advisor: Dr. Keith Simpson
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Rainer Hebert

Published: May 4, 2016

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