Presentations of the Materials Science and Engineering 2010-11 Capstone Design Projects

Congratulations all on an excellent set of final oral report presentations of the Materials Science and Engineering 2010-11 Capstone Design Projects on Friday, April 29.

As in previous years we asked three individuals who are experienced with the practices and requirements of our UConn-MSE engineering design course to serve as judges to evaluate the design and communication skills of the seniors who were making their final capstone
project presentation.

The three judges for the current project year are

  • Dr. Donald Potter, Emeritus Professor, Materials Science and Engineering, UConn
  • Mr. Blair Smith, Engineering Fellow, Materials Engineering, Hamilton-Sundstrand, and
  • Dr. Ed Kurz, Director, IMS Associates Program, UConn.

As the judges delivered their list of award winners, remarked that the quality of presentations were uniformly very good. There was not a big gap between those selected for awards and the remainder of the presenters. The selections of the judging panel follow.

First Place Project Title: Determine and Prevent Galvanic Corrosion when Carbon Fiber Composites are Fastened to Steel
Student Team: Kathryn Czaja and Aaron Wall
Sponsor: General Dynamics-Electric Boat
Industry Advisor: Dr. Jeffrey Hall
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Prabhakar Singh
Award: $1500

Second Place Project Title: Control Morphology of Bubbles in Si (He/H implants) Student
Team: Ryan Keech
Sponsor: Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates
Industry Advisors: Dr. Julian G. Blake
Faculty Advisor: Professor Bryan Huey
Award: $1000

Third Place Project Title: Optimization of the T74 Temper for 7055HF
Student: Ryan Godlewski
Sponsor: Pratt & Whitney Aircraft
Industry Advisors: Dr. Agnieszka Wusatowska-Sarnek and Dr. Thomas J Watson
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Mark Aindow
Award: $500

Published: April 29, 2011

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