New Research Awards

The Materials Science & Engineering Program would like to recognize their respective faculty members who have recently been granted new funding initiatives.

C. Barry Carter, Radenka Maric and Chris Cornelius, Department of Education, Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need: Nanostructures and Devices for Energy Production and Storage, 8/12-8/15, $399,798.

Rainer Hebert, UTC/Pratt & Whitney, Electron Beam Melting Technology Development, 8/12-5/13, $77,424.

Radenka Maric, BIC, Low Cost Electrode Development: Reactive Spray Deposition Technology (RSDT), 7/12-9/12, $21,493.

Ramamurthy Ramprasad and Hom Sharma (graduate student), EPA, Computational and Experimental Investigation of Catalyst Deactivation to Design Sulfur-Resistant Emissions Oxidation Catalysts, 8/12-8/15, $51,000.

Prabhakar Singh, Ramamurthy Ramprasad and Manoj Mahapatra, DoE/National Energy Technology Laboratory, Study of the Durability of Doped Lanthanum Manganite and Cobaltite Based Cathode Materials under “Real World”  Air Exposure Atmospheres, 10/12-9/14, $499,372.

Prabhakar Singh, DoE/Praxair, Development of OTM Electrode Degradation Mechanism, 7/12-9/15, $331,566.

Prabhakar Singh, United Technologies Research Center, Micro XCT Analysis at UConn, 5/12-7/12, $5,000.

Mei Wei, NSF, I-Corps: Novel Apatite/Collagen Scaffolds for Bone Repair, 7/12-12/12, $50,000.

Published: October 24, 2012

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