New Class of Alpha Sigma Mu Honored at ASM Student Night

By Giorgina Paielle


H.D. Brody (Chapter advisor), William Masinda (Junior), Matthew Mckinney (Junior), Rebecca Stern (Junior), Aliya Carter (Junior), Yasemin Kutes (Ph.D. candidate), John Corsi (Junior), Sapna Gupta (Ph.D. candidate), John Scovill (Junior), Gabrielle Charno (Senior), Rishabh Jain (Ph.D. candidate), Dr. Amber Black (PTR Technologies)

The 2015 inductees of the Alpha Sigma Mu CT Alpha Chapter were honored on April 28 at ASM Hartford’s annual Student Night.

Alpha Sigma Mu is the international honor society for materials science and engineering. Membership is extended by invitation to the top twenty-five percent of MSE juniors and seniors who excel academically and exhibit strong character. MSE graduate students who have completed all Ph.D. requirements up to their dissertation defense are also elected to the society. Connecticut Alpha, the UConn Chapter of Alpha Sigma Mu, is one of forty international chapters and is overseen by chapter advisor Dr. Harold Brody.

ASM International, the largest professional association of metals-centric materials engineers, has two Connecticut chapters: ASM Hartford and ASM Southern Connecticut. Each April, close to materials week—a governor-proclaimed week celebrating materials contributions—ASM Hartford organizes Student Night. The dinner event recognizes the newly elected student members of Alpha Sigma Mu, who are presented with their membership certificate, key, and tassel.

The event’s technical program, chaired by ASM Hartford Chairperson Dr. Rainer Hebert, features invited research talks delivered by UConn MSE graduate students. Haibo Yu presented on “Surface Degradation of Ag/W Circuit Breaker Contacts During Standardized UL Testing,” and Sibo Wang delivered a talk titled “3D ZnO/Perovskite core/shell nanorod array based catalysts: a promising PGM-free catalyst for low temperature hydrocarbon oxidation.” Sibo Wang’s research project was selected as the first place prize-winning presentation by the current and newly elected Alpha Sigma Mu members.

Published: May 20, 2015

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