MSE Undergraduate Interns at Oakridge National Lab

By Ben Crnic

UConn MSE Sophomore Ryan Gordon

MSE sophomore, Ryan Gordon, has been offered a competitive summer internship at Oakridge National Lab in Tennessee as part of the Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internships (SULI) Program. As an intern, Gordon will be conducting research on the use of molten salts as coolants for nuclear power plants. Specifically, he will investigate the corrosive properties of these salts.

The SULI program offers undergraduate students 10-week summer internships at one of 17 participating laboratories. Students select their preferences for laboratory assignments when they apply to the program. Once they are accepted, they are assigned to a mentor at the lab they are sent to. Since the program is offered to undergraduates, students without extensive prior research experience can still obtain internships.

Gordon will be performing his research alongside Dr. Stephen Raiman and his team. As part of his internship, he will be presenting his work at Oakridge National Lab in front of other SULI participants. His internship culminates with a final written laboratory report detailing his findings.

 “I would just really like to thank Dr. Lesley Frame. She was able to offer me research last year as a freshman with absolutely zero experience. Because of the opportunity she gave me, I was able to learn a tremendous amount and really grow as a student. If it was not for this research position, I never would have been able to get this outstanding internship, and I am extremely grateful,” said Gordon.

Published: February 14, 2020

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