MSE Professor Inducted Into Young Academy

By Ben Crnic

MSE Assistant Professor Stefan Schaffoener with Ph.D. candidate Sharon Uwanyuze (left).

MSE assistant professor Stefan Schaffoener was recently inducted into the Young Academy, which was established by the Academy of Sciences and Literature | Mainz in Germany  to support promising young scientists as they pursue their careers. The academy seeks to assist young scholars in developing their scientific talent and expanding their scientific networks, as well as to promote dialogue across both disciplinary borders and generations.

Schaffoener is looking forward to working with people in disciplines outside of engineering on his future research projects.

“Because humanity has been involved with materials for a long time and MSE is a rapidly advancing field, we can connect it to a lot of other research that has a large impact on society,” Schaffoener said. He cited as one example of these connections how research into changes in geographic mobility overlaps with research on how changes in transportation affect greenhouse gas emissions, as well as the demand for certain enabling materials and other technologies, thereby bringing together investigators from a variety of fields.

Membership in the Young Academy is limited to a period of 4 years. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the induction ceremony has been postponed to November.

On his hopes for the next 4 years, Schaffoener said, “I would like to do excellent research at UConn and work on projects that go beyond my field, which hopefully will improve the well-being of other people.”

Published: May 18, 2020

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