MSE Banquet 2024: Honoring Achievement and Community Spirit

From left to right:
Front row: Leena Alam, Andres Godoy, Cassidy Atkinson, Jaclyn Grace, Professor Jasna Jankovic, Drew Cietek; Middle front: Aurora Buswell, Shao-Hao Lu; Middle back: Professor Bryan Huey, Wyeth Haddock, Reid Morrow, Matthew Maramo; Back row: Professor Seok-Woo Lee, Byung Jung, Thatcher Slocum, Ching Chen

By Francesca Rameau, Written Communications Assistant 

On April 19, at the Alumni Center Great Hall, the materials science and engineering department (MSE) hosted its 11th annual banquet. This year-end celebration features awards for just some of the remarkable accomplishments by our students in the department. With an impressive turnout of 96 attendees, the event was a testament to the strong community within MSE.

Distinguished undergraduate and graduate students were lauded for their exceptional dedication and contributions to MSE throughout the year in several categories. 

Undergraduate Awards:

  • Best Freshmen/Sophomore Students of the Year: Wyeth Haddock, Reid Morrow, and Thatcher Slocum
  • Outstanding Teaching Assistants: Leena Alam and Christian Sabatini
  • Outstanding Undergraduate Research: Mathew Maramo and Aurora Buswell
  • Undergraduate Student of the Year: Jaclyn Grace

Graduate Awards:

  • Teaching Excellence: Shao-Hao Lu
  • Best Talk: Byung Jung
  • Doctoral Research Dissertation: Ching Chen
  • Outstanding Leadership: Andres Godoy and Drew Cietek
  • Department Recognition: Martin Birnbach and Cassidy Atkinson

Overall, the evening buzzed with camaraderie and networking opportunities. And as has become a tradition, the undergraduates prepared an icebreaker activity, fostering new connections and strengthening existing bonds. Participants enjoyed a lighthearted survey, with questions prompting lively discussions and friendly competition. From sharing eclipse experiences to guessing how each table would define color, every interaction added a touch of excitement to the festivities.

Congratulations to all involved.

And if you’d like to help support this subsidized event for the future, including the ~$5,000 in prize money awarded to our excellent students for our next annual banquet, donate now and join those who have helped to make this event such a wonderful tradition!

Published: April 29, 2024

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