Metallurgy/MSE, Top 3rd Major With Highest Mid-Career Salary


The average mid-career salary for a Materials Science and Engineering major in 2016 was around $98,000. According to US News, Metallurgical Engineering ranks top 3rd in college majors that earned the highest salaries in 2016. A recent PwC Millennial survey found that 44% of millennials said competitive wages were an important factor for them when making these decisions. With the average 2016 graduate leaving school with around $37,000 of debt, choosing a major that leads to a well-paying job couldn’t hurt.

Our department is one of the top MSE programs offering five different concentrations including biomaterials, energy materials, nanomaterials, electronic materials, and metallurgy. Concentrations in these fields have lead some of our graduates to prestigious positions at prominent companies like Electric Boat, Pratt & Whitney, Sikorsky, and Pfizer. Job positions for our MSE graduates range from metallurgical engineers to materials engineers to staff engineering all the way to research scientists.

A degree in Materials Science and Engineering has endless opportunities for potential study during the undergraduate or graduate degrees and a broad range of possibilities for places students can take their degree upon graduation. 


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Published: August 14, 2017

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