Joseph Mantese

Dr. Joseph V. Mantese, Fellow, United Technologies Research Center

Joseph Mantese
Adjunct Professor 
Ph.D., Cornell University (1986) 

Department of Materials Science & Engineering
97 North Eagleville Road, Unit 3136
Storrs, CT 06269-3136
Office: IMS-111
Phone: (860) 486-4620


Research Interests

Dr. Mantese’s interests include  electronic/optical materials, components, sensors, actuators, and packaging, and ferroic materials.

 Awards & Honors

2015 Elected Fellow of the American Physical Society
2013 Connecticut Academy of Science and Engineering Fellow
2010 UTRC Outstanding Achievement Award
2004 Wayne State University’s Socius Collegii Award

Recent Publications

Mantese, J.V.,  L. Dong, V. Avrutin, U. Ozgur, H. Morkoc, and S.P. Alpay, “Strain induced variations in band offsets and built-in electric fields in InGaN/GaN multiple quantum wells”,  Journal of Applied Physics, 114, 043715 (2013).

Mantese, J.V., “A Self-Priming, High Performance, Check Valve Diaphragm Micropump Made from SOI Wafers”, Jour. MicromechMocroeng., 18, (2008), 125021.

Mantese, J.V., M.P. Thompson, J.R. Troxell, M.E. Murray, and C. Thrush, “Infrared Absorber for Pyroelectric Detectors”, Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology A25, 437 (2007). 

Mantese, J.V., A.L. Micheli, N.W. Schubring, M.W. Putty, M.P. Thompson, S. Chang, J. Troxell, L. Oberdier, J. Celinska, and C.P. de Araujo, “Enhanced Pyroelectric Sensitivity Using Ferroelectric Active Mode Detection” Applied Physics Letters, 90, (2007) 113503 .

Mantese, J.V., S. Zhong, and .P. Alpay,, “High Dielectric Tunability in Ferroelectric-Paraelectric Bilayers and Multilayer Superlattices”, Applied Physics Letters, 88, 132904 (2006). 

Mantese, J.V.,, A.A. Semenov, S.F. Karmanenko, B.A. Kalinikos, G. Srinivasan, and A.N. Slavin, “Dual-Tunable Hybrid Wave Ferroelectric-Ferrite Microwave Resonator “ Electronic Letters, 42, No. 11, 641-642 (2006).

Mantese, J.V., G. Akcay, S. Zhong, and S.P. Alpay, “Dynamic Pyroelectric Enhancement of Homogeneous Ferroelectric Materials”, Solid State Communications 137, (2006) 589.