Jeanette A. Brown

brown_jeanette_profileJeanette A. Brown
Senior Scientist

Materials Science & Engineering
191 Auditorium Road, Unit 3222
Storrs, CT 06269-3222
Office: EII 204
Phone: (860) 486-4020



Current Research

  • Thermal conversion of carbon containing waste materials such as wastewater biosolids and food wastes to produce energy

Professional Activities

Member: American Society of Civil Engineering/Environmental and Water Resources Institute
Member: Water Environment Federation
Member: American Academy of Environmental Engineers
Member: State of Connecticut Nitrogen Trading Advisory Board

Research Interests

  • Effect of nanoparticles in wastewater
  • Biodegradation of pharmaceuticals
  • Microbial pathways

Previous Positions

1975-2011 Executive Director, Stamford Water Pollution Control Authority, Stamford, CT
2002-present Adjunct Professor Environmental Engineering, Manhattan College

Awards & Honors

2011: Distinguished Alumni-Manhattan College 2011
2008: Edward J. Cleary Award, AAEE
2007: EPA Merit Award
2003: Water Environment Federation Public Educators Award
2002: NEWEA Public Educators Award
2002: Tau Chi Alpha, Environmental Engineering Honor Society

Recent Publications

 “Wastewater Treatment and Natural Treatment System”, Planning and Urban Design Standards, APA, 2004

“Technical Submission to EPA: Removal of Nutrients with Currently Available Secondary Treatment Technologies” Water Environment Federation, 2009

Design of Wastewater Treatment Plants, MOP-8, 5th Edition, Chapter 22, Water Environment Federation and McGraw-Hill

Nutrient Control Design Manual, “State of Technology Review”-USEPA, January 2009

Biological Nutrient Removal, MOP 30, Water Environment Federation and McGraw Hill 2005

Operating Experience of “The First and Largest Low Level Nitrogen Removal Facility in Long Island Sound”, Water Practice Volume 1 Issue 5, November 2007

Lofrano, G and Brown, J,  Wastewater Management through the Ages: A history of mankind. Science of the Total Environment, 2010  STOTEN 1214