International Professional Honor Society Held Annual Banquet and Initiation Ceremony

The University of Connecticut held their annual Banquet and Initiation Ceremony in Storrs, CT on May 3.

First Row: Carl Rizzo (Senior, President, Connecticut Alpha Chapter), Drew Clearfield (PhD Candidate, Vice-President, Connecticut Alpha Chapter), Keara Frawley (Senior, Member), Andrew Nguyen (Senior, Member), Drew Cietek (Senior, Member), Harold Brody (Chapter Advisor). Second Row: Rohit Batra (PhD Candidate, New Member), Garvit Agarwal (PhD Candidate, New Member), Le Yu (PhD Candidate, New Member), Jie Chen (PhD Candidate, New Member), Michael Gingrave (Senior, Secretary, Connecticut Alpha Chapter). Third Row: Jonathan Gager (Junior, New Member), Hetal Patel (Junior, New Member), Skylar Buswell (Junior, New Member), Kenna Ritter (Junior, New Member). Fourth Row: Jordan Gomes (Junior, New Member), Piotr Chaber (Junior, New Member), Justin Greenwood (Junior, New Member), James Doppes (Senior, New Member)

This past semester 14 undergraduate students and 6 graduate students from the Materials Science and Engineering Department were inducted into Alpha Sigma Mu, the international professional honor society for materials science and engineering. An additional 5 MSE graduate students were recently nominated by their major advisers for membership in Alpha Sigma Mu. Undergraduate MSE majors must be in the top 25% of their class academically and of strong character to be nominated for membership. Doctoral students must have defended their PhD dissertation proposal to be eligible for nomination.

Please join us in congratulating our Alpha Sigma Mu new inductees!

Undergraduate Inductees (April 2018):

Andrew Gagnon
Cayman E. Cushing
Hetal D. Patel
James John Doppes
Jonathan Gager
Jordan Obre Gomes
Joshua Moskow
Justin Greenwood
Kenna Ritter
Michael Fazzino
Piotr Chaber
Ryan Wrobel
Skylar Buswell
William Howard IV

Graduate Inductees (April 2018):

Mingwan Zhang
Sibo Wang
Le Yu
Garvit Agarwal
Jie Chen
Rohit Batra

Graduate Nominees (May 2018):

John T. Sypek
Keith James Dusoe
Manuel Rivas
Xingxu Lu
James Steffes

Published: June 11, 2018

Categories: news, student chapter

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