Graduate Student Presented at the SHPE Conference

By Kyra Arena, Written Communications Assistant

photo of Karla Del Cid-Ledezma

Graduate student Karla Del Cid-Ledezma presenting her research at annual SHPE Conference

Graduate student Karla Del Cid-Ledezma competed in the Engineering Science Symposium at the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina from Nov. 2nd to 6th. The SHPE Convention serves as the largest annual gathering of Hispanic STEM students and professionals to network, share research, receive awards, and attend educational workshops. “The convention, besides having the competition, was full of workshops that dealt with imposter syndrome, being authentic, and both personal and career goals/paths,” she says.

In the Engineering Science Symposium, there are five thematic categories that center around the current research conducted that has a potential role in solving society’s greatest challenges. Del Cid-Ledezma competed in the Avances or Advances category where she presented her research titled “Novel Ultra-Resolution Properties of Materials in 3D.” The presentation was about an aspect of her research where she uses an Atomic Force Microscope to look at properties of materials below the surface; then she uses a tomography to reconstruct that data in 3D.

Del Cid-Ledezma is a fourth year PhD student a part of Department Head and Professor Bryan Huey’s lab. At the SHPE Conference, Del Cid-Ledezma represented the Graduate SHPE chapter at UConn, where she currently serves as Vice President. “The convention was the largest gathering of Hispanics in STEM, and it helped reaffirm my sense of community in the STEM field,” she says.

Published: November 22, 2022

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