Correlated Solutions Inc. Highlights Professor Frame as ‘Woman In Engineering’

photo of Assistant Professor Lesley Frame

Lesley Frame, MSE Assistant Professor and Director of the Center for Materials Processing Data (CMPD)

By Gabriela Esposito, Student Written Communications Assistant

UConn MSE Assistant Professor and Director of the Center for Materials Processing Data (CMPD), Lesley Frame, was recently featured by Correlated Solutions Inc. on their Facebook page as a part of their ‘#womeninengineering’ series. Throughout the month of March, the company, a leading supplier of Digital Image Correlation (DIC) measurement systems, is honoring Women’s History Month by highlighting women in engineering who use digital image correlation in their research.

Frame was the third highlighted in the series, for the work she has led on alloy manufacturing and processing-property relationships. Her team’s work involves building realistic models that describe the behavior of materials during manufacturing sequences. Digital image correlation is what allows the Frame research group to capture detailed deformation behavior during thermomechanical processing.

In the post, Frame is quoted offering advice to young women interested in pursuing MSE. “Don’t be afraid to fail. Often, you will learn more from doing something the wrong way, than getting it right the first time. Science and engineering is all about asking questions, and the individuals who do well often share a passion for figuring things out,” she says.

Frame received her BS from the Department of Materials Science Engineering at MIT, followed by her MS and PhD from the University of Arizona in the same field. She began teaching and leading research at UConn in 2018, after a professorship at the University of Bridgeport and a position as Director of Product Development at Thermatool. Her research interests include metals processing, manufacturing, corrosion, residual stress, phase transformations, and structure-property-processing relationships.

Published: April 2, 2021

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